Have you ever wondered how you could make your Hypixel experience more enjoyable? Have you ever wanted more features or mods for Hypixel? Look no further, Lunar Client is a modpack that offers 65+ mods, and fortunately, the range of Lunar Client mods covers all kinds of Minecraft communities. The most popular community you’ll find is the Hypixel Network player base. Luckily, Lunar Client offers all kinds of features and mods for Hypixel Network users.

Lunar Client FPS Optimization

Acquiring the best FPS is a must for the most efficient Minecraft gameplay. The Hypixel Network is regarded as the biggest Minecraft server and is well known for its large lobbies which can most commonly cause lag for some players. Smooth performance is needed, not only in populated lobbies, but during games as well. Thankfully, Lunar Client offers a game changing FPS boost, and an FPS guide suitable for all kinds of players. Our FPS guide can be found here!

How to Access Lunar Client Mods

As we continue, we will first cover the most necessary mods to use on the Hypixel Network from Lunar Client. As we’ve mentioned before, Lunar Clients offers a vast range of mods which may make it difficult to find the perfect ones for you. We hope to cover these essential mods allowing you to use Lunar Client to its full potential. Before we begin covering these mods, we will briefly go over how to access the Lunar Client mod menu.

How to Open The Mod Menu

To access these mods and features, the mod menu can be accessed by the Right Shift key. Once the menu is opened, you will be prompted with a mod menu and a search bar that can be accessed on the top right of the menu, allowing you to search for the mods and features we will cover.

Hypixel Mods

The Lunar Client Hypixel mods are an essential group of Lunar Client mods for Hypixel, offering all kinds of features for Hypixel players. Some commonly known features within the Hypixel mods include Auto GG, Level Head, Auto TIP, and much more! Additionally, the Lunar Client Hypixel mods offers Chat Option settings, allowing players to hide certain things like Private Messages, Party Chat, Leave Messages, Join Messages and more. These mods may be beneficial for players who may feel overwhelmed by a fast-paced chat or have trouble reading chat if it becomes too quick. Below, you will see the Lunar Client mod menu and the Hypixel mods as well as the features within the mod.

Hypixel Bedwars Mod

As we move on into the realms of the Bedwars gamemode, the most popular gamemode on the Hypixel Network, we will cover the two essential Bedwars mods. First and foremost, we will begin with the Hypixel Bedwars mod which is a mod that displays a HUD of information regarding stats, an in-game resource counter, and a height limit. The Hypixel Bedwars mod is most important for the Bedwars gamemode as it contributes to a player’s in game awareness of how they are doing with a HUD of statistics (seen in the image below). Furthermore, they can also keep track of their resources.

TNT Countdown Mod

An additional Hypixel Bed Wars mod is the TNT countdown mod. The Lunar Client TNT Countdown mod will display a fuse timer for TNT, allowing Bed Wars players to have a better sense of timing of the TNT placed around them. For example, Bed Wars players may want to plan an attack on the opposite teams; the player wants to be cautious and time their TNT placement to break the bed as fast as a possible. The TNT Countdown mod comes into play as it will provide a helpful visual timer of the fuse allowing them to time their attack efficiently!

PvP Info Mod

Have you ever wanted more out of your PvP gameplay? Or ever wondered how well you PvP and how you could improve? Thankfully, Lunar Client has the PvP Info mod for players who want more insights in their gameplay! The Lunar Client PvP Info mod offers statistical PvP features for players’ PvP sessions. The PvP Info mod presents Melee, Projectile and Health stats for each PvP session you have. Through these sessions, players also have the ability to reset sessions to begin a new one or change the time period of the time in which they’d like to track for PvP statistics. As shown below, you will see the PvP Info mod in action! The Melee Stats will continue to update as you PvP, giving you insight on your accuracy and combos.

Nick Hider

The Lunar Client Nick Hider mod allows players to hide their own and others skins and nicknames. The purpose of this mod leans mostly towards content creators who stream. As privacy is most important, streamers may prefer to hide their nick from the public. The Nick Hider mod can be viewed as an essential mod for content creators for this reason. As we view inside the Nick Hider mod, players are given the option to customize what they prefer to be enabled for this mod. In addition to hiding nicknames, players can also hide their own skin.

Lunar Client Cosmetics & Features

With Lunar Client and the Hypixel Network both being the #1 client and server respectfully, it’d be common to see all kinds of Lunar Client players with a range of different cosmetics and logos. Lunar Client logos can be seen next to a Lunar Client users name on tab or next to their in-game name and indicate whether a player is on Lunar Client. You might seen a range of logos with different colors. Lunar Client cosmetics are recognizable in most lobbies, as each player values the customizable aspect of cosmetics. Not only can you see all kinds of cosmetics, but there’s a range of logos you might find around Hypixel lobbies! With this ability, you’ll be able to recognize the many staff, content creators or Lunar+ users of Lunar Client.

We hope this article gave you insight on what Lunar Client offers for Hypixel Network users! As a reminder, you can head over to our support site for any suggestions or questions that you might have. Our support team will be able to assist and answer any of your questions, as they are available around the clock!