Hey everyone, we are happy to finally announce the release of Apollo, Lunar Client's brand new server-side API. This blog will go into detail explaining exactly what Apollo is, the features that are currently available, how and where to download it, and what to expect for the API in the near future.

If you have any feature suggestions or run into any issues when implementing Apollo to your server, please join our Developer Discord. You can also find Apollo's documentation and download pages here.

What is Apollo?

Apollo is a complete revamp of Lunar Client's legacy API with tons of new features. Apollo allows server owners to interact and utilize unique features for Lunar Client users. Apollo offers a range of features, modules, and opportunities to enrich the experience of servers way further than what's possible within vanilla Minecraft. Allowing server owners and developers to explore new possibilities, from simply disabling mods, to providing users quality of life features to capture their creativity. Let’s dive into some of the capabilities and opportunities that can be found within Apollo.

Adding Apollo to your server allows you to enable some of its amazing modules!

Apollo has most of its features in the form of modules. These modules can be enabled by the server so players running Lunar Client can utilize them. Let's dive into a few modules inside Apollo and their amazing capabilities below.

The team module will allow you to interact with the Team View mod in Lunar Client and enable various features for teammates in various other mods.

Teammates will have markers over their head, appear on Minimap Mod, and appear in the Direction HUD mod!

The beam module allows you to create custom beams resembling beacon beams, which can be placed on your server to highlight specific points of interest.

Beams can be any color you want!

Rich Presence
The rich presence module allows you to interact with Lunar Client's rich presence to display your server and game modes directly on Discord.

Advertise your server on Discord through Lunar Client!

The border module not only enhances Minecraft's current world border system by allowing multiple borders in the world, but also backports all the improvements and vanilla features to Minecraft 1.7.10 players.

Multiple borders can be placed at various locations in the world and can be colored anything!

Mod Setting
The mod setting module allows you to interact with Lunar Client player's mods or settings when joining your server. The list of Lunar Client mods and their options can be found here.

When mods are disabled on the server, players will receive a notification!

The transfer module allows you to transfer players from one server to another, without the need of additional proxy setups, using the transfer packet. We've also introduced a ping packet to get a players ping to other servers.

When transferring to different IPs than the one they are connected to, users will get a confirmation menu!

The waypoint module allows you to interact with the Waypoints mod and place waypoints at various different points of interest in your worlds.

Waypoints allow players on your server to know where the action is at!

If you would like to learn more about all of the other modules Apollo has, please check out our docs page!

Why use Apollo?

Apollo, offers a complete overhaul of the legacy API with numerous innovative features. Apollo empowers server owners and developers to engage with Lunar Client users with unique functionalities, extending beyond the bounds and capabilities of vanilla Minecraft. From incorporating quality of life features to fully in-depth modules, Apollo allows you to fully display your creativity and enrich your gamemodes. Adopting Apollo, significantly elevates your servers, projects, or events functionality, creativity and unique experiences.

If you have any concerns, questions, feature requests or need support Apollo into your server, project, or event, you can contact us on our Developer discord.

Apollo is available for Bukkit, BungeeCord, and Velocity!