Do you ever wonder as a player what you could do to amplify your Hoplite experience? Unsure if you are missing out on the most useful Lunar Client mods? Lunar Client offers mods intended for all Minecraft communities, especially Hoplite. Hoplite is Minecraft’s latest Battle Royale server! The Battle Royale gamemode on Hoplite is a fast-paced PvP experience with currently two modes which are Solo and Civilization. Interested in playing Hoplite? Check out which currently only supports 1.20.1. In this article, we will cover essential Lunar Client mods to better your Hoplite gameplay and experience.

To access the Lunar Client mod menu, press the Right Shift key. Next, you can use the use the top right search bar as we go over each mod in this article.

Team View Mod

The first mod we will cover is the Team View mod! The Team View mod allows players to see where their teammates are on their HUD. When playing Hoplite Civilization mode, you must stick together with your team once the PvP phase begins after the 15 minute mark. Once you’ve joined forces with your team, you must elect a king then work together to kill the other Civilization teams until deathmatch finally begins. Not a Civilization player? No worries, we go over many solo-friendly player mods as well!

UHC Overlay Mod

Hoplite is a fast-paced Battle Royale gamemode, requiring players to have full game awareness as the rounds progress. Thankfully, the UHC Overlay mod allows players to increase the scale on specific UHC items which increases game awareness and shortens the time it takes to loot after a kill. Unsure if the dropped loot has golden apples or heads? You can change the item sizes in the UHC Overlay mod, for them to overshadow the other loot which then you can easily spot the most important items! The specific items within the UHC Overlay mod are commonly used items in the UHC and Battle Royale gamemodes, which include golden apples, golden ingots, heads, and more.

Zoom Mod

Next, we will go over the usage of the Zoom mod and how it is a great benefit for your Hoplite experience! The Zoom mod allows players to magnify their view with a preferred set keybind. Why is Zoom mod useful for Hoplite? As a Battle Royale player, you will face having to be out in the open when seeking for players to fight. The Zoom mod not only enhances your in-game awareness but also grants a strategic edge by allowing you to zoom far ahead while scouting for other players or teams. Additionally, spotting a stacked team or player in the distance enables you to save valuable time, giving you an opportunity to plan your next moves more efficiently.

Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mod

You never know when you may need to hide from your opponents in the Hoplite Battle Royale gamemode. Thankfully, the Lunar Client Toggle Sneak mod will allow individuals to toggle their sneak button with the press of a set keybind. Battle Royale players might find themselves in sticky situations requiring them to hide their usernames to remain hidden. Rightfully so, the Toggle Sneak mod will allow you to shift for as long as you want without holding the key down! Battle Royale trappers may even find this useful as they must be stealthy and stay hidden within their trap waiting for players to fall for their bait.

Another essential Lunar Client mod for Hoplite gameplay is the Toggle Sprint mod. In the Battle Royale gamemode, players will find themselves running for the majority of the game! Battle Royale requires strategy and planning, considering its fast paced round progression. As the Civilization mode enters its PvP phase, it's crucial for players to swiftly regroup with their teammates. Selecting a dedicated sprint keybind to quickly reach your team can be a time-saving strategy. Players will find themselves either consistently chasing down teams or evading powerful opponents. The element of surprise is ever-present, making a rapid toggle of your sprint key a potential lifesaver in difficult PvP situations.

Damage Tint Mod

The Damage Tint mod is a must if you struggle with checking your health during PvP! When playing Hoplite Battle Royale, it’s common to feel overwhelmed due to the game’s fast-paced nature. The customizable Damage Tint will slightly change the tint at the corners of your screen to indicate low health. In the Damage Tint mod, players will have the option to change the intensity of the tint, which is a great customizable factor. Other settings you can adjust within the Damage Tint mod include the health percentage that the tint appears at and an optional heartbeat audio feature to indicate low health.

Additional Information

As players may have noticed, some Lunar Client mods are disabled on Hoplite because they are seen as unfair advantages. If a mod is disabled on a specific server, you will see the LOCKED message under it. As a reminder, there is nothing the Lunar Client team can do when a mod is disabled on a server. The current disabled Lunar Client mods on Hoplite include the Freelook mod and the Minimap mod.

If you are interested in adding Fabric mods to Lunar Client for the benefit of your Hoplite gameplay, check out our latest mod-loading blog! The mod loading blog contains detailed mod loading steps and general information on loading mods with Lunar Client. Additionally, Lunar Client now offers modpacks that can be selected from the Lunar Client launcher. Our mod-loading blog goes more into detail regarding modpacks so make sure to check it out! If you have any Lunar Client or Hoplite questions, check out the Lunar Client support page or the Hoplite support page!