Have you ever wondered what the pink Lunar Client logo means or what the plus right next to it is? They are both one of the many benefits of Lunar+! Lunar Client released it on December 4th, 2021, as a recurring subscription that offers users exclusive benefits on the client. Spotted another Lunar Client logo color? Read up on the staff blog here.

Logo Plus Colors

Lunar Plus subscribers stand out with their Hot Pink logo, but what about the plus color?

All Lunar Plus subscribers have a + next to their Lunar logo, starting with green as the default color. A new color is unlocked when a player reaches a three-month milestone of maintaining their Lunar+ subscription.

The next color is granted automatically and is determined by how long you've continually paid for your subscription; if you cancel, your streak will be broken!

Current Plus Colors
All of the Lunar Plus colors that can be obtained (check the bottom of the article for more info)

If you want to check which plus colors you own, you can find them in your Lunar Client cosmetic locker. Navigate to the cosmetic menu and click the Adjust Lunar+ Colour button.

With Lunar Plus purchased, the Adjust Lunar+ Color button appears in the cosmetic locker

Store Discount

Lunar+ subscribers get a 10% discount that applies to all of the cosmetics on the Lunar Client store. This stacks with other active discounts, meaning that if there is a 20% discount across the store, Lunar+ subscribers will have a 30% discount.

Not seeing your 10% discount?

You must be logged in to apply your Lunar+ discount to the store. To log in you need to select Click to Login at the top of the store page and enter your Minecraft username.

The homepage of the Lunar Client Store, highlighting the login button

The Lunar+ discount acts like any other discount, so cosmetics that are purchased with it are permanent (you cannot buy the Lunar+ subscription with it or get temporary cosmetics).

The Lunar Client Store login page that requires your Minecraft: Java Edition username

Exclusive Cosmetics

Lunar+ currently offers a total of 34 cosmetics! These cosmetics can only be obtained through a Lunar+ subscription.

Two of the included cosmetics are emotes - the default dance, and a random emote that cycles every month.

Lunar Plus Cosmetics
The current Lunar Plus cosmetic list as of May, 2024

Not convinced yet? These cloaks can look even cooler with the exclusive cloth cloaks feature.

Cloth Cloaks

Cloth cloaks are a Lunar+ feature that displays special cloak physics when enabled.

This feature works with all cloaks and can be found in the Lunar Client cosmetic menu, under the cloaks category and character preview.

A showcase of the Cloth Cloaks realistic physics
Toggle button for Cloth Cloaks

Since the Cloth Cloaks run a real-time physics simulation and is not a hardcoded animation, it took at least one hundred hours of work to create!

Discord Perks

Members who have an active Lunar+ subscription can link their Discord in the main menu of Lunar Client. This will automatically apply the Lunar+ role and its perks in the Discord Server.

An in-game example of Lunar Plus on the nametag

What perks does the Lunar+ role offer?

Lunar+ ChatGiveaway EligibilityXP Boost
You will gain access to an Exclusive chat where you can speak with other Lunar+ users, nitro boosters, and Discord staff. You will immediately be able to enter giveaways that have a level/role requirement. These requirements are put in place to prevent alt accounts from entering.You will gain a 10% XP boost, which can help to earn free leveling cosmetics. To learn how to earn free leveling cosmetics, read more about it here.

These features are perfect for anyone looking to meet other Lunar Client users, or for a way to earn cosmetics while chatting. Want to know more about the Lunar Client community Discord server? Read more about it here.

Example of your display name in the Lunar Client Discord

Unlimited Friends

Lunar+ removes the default friend limit of a hundred, meaning that you can add as many friends as you would like!

Friends that are added over the default friend limit will not be removed when your Lunar+ subscription runs out. You will be unable to add any more friends until you get back below the limit or start a new subscription for Lunar+.

How to Cancel Lunar+

Lunar+ can be canceled at any time to prevent recurring payments. Don’t worry, even if you cancel Lunar+, you will still keep all of your perks until the subscription runs out.

Lunar+ can be canceled either through the email confirmation that you received when purchasing the subscription, or the subscription section on the Tebex website. Our support website has a more in-depth guide that covers every step of the way and can be found here.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Lunar Plus subscription, please contact our Support Team so they can assist you further.

Colors at Each Milestone

Green0 Months
Yellow3 Months
Light Blue6 Months
Orange9 Months
Blue12 Months
Hot Pink15 Months
Cyan18 Months
Dark Green21 Months
Pink24 Months
Red27 Months
White30 Months
Lime33 Months
Dark Blue36 Months
Blood Orange39 Months
Light Pink42 Months