What is Lunar Client?

Lunar Client is a free all-in-one Minecraft mod pack that offers many features, such as higher performance, a large selection of mods, cosmetics, and much more. Officially released to the public on April 6, 2019, Lunar Client has become one of the most popular Minecraft: Java Edition clients ever, enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Whether you are a PvPer or a survival player, Lunar Client has something for everyone. Lunar Client has support for a variety of different Minecraft versions, ranging from 1.7.10 all the way to the latest Minecraft version (1.19.4 - "The Wild Update"), ensuring that you can play your favorite server or world on your favorite Minecraft version.

A look at Lunar Client's launcher
The Lunar Client Launcher, used to launch Lunar Client on Minecraft: Java Edition

Why Should I Use Lunar Client?

Lunar Client has a very large selection of mods that come pre-installed into the client so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of having to download or update every single individual mod each time Minecraft updates. Some of these pre-installed mods include: FPS Mod, CPS Mod, Keystrokes Mod, Armor Status, ToggleSprint, Zoom Mod, Crosshair Mod & more! Lunar Client updates all of it's mods on the same day a new version of Minecraft is released! Lunar Client’s mods also come with a sleek interface to make your Minecraft look as aesthetic as possible. Alongside its wide selection of mods, Lunar Client contains many quality of life features, such as an in-game skin changer, modern keybind handling, and much more. Additionally, Lunar Client comes with an FPS boost in order to maximize the performance of your game—something that is not found on vanilla Minecraft. If you wish for a certain mod or feature to be added to Lunar Client, make sure to create a suggestion, either by creating a support ticket or by creating a post in the suggestions channel inside the Lunar Client Discord server.

A look at Lunar Client's huge selection of mods
A look at Lunar Client's user interface (mod menu)


Lunar Client also comes with version-specific modules which are directly integrated into Lunar Client to give you even more features while playing Minecraft. As of now, OptiFine, Sodium, and Forge modules are available on Lunar Client. While the OptiFine and Sodium modules optimize Minecraft for higher FPS and give advanced visual customization options, the Forge module bundles additional forge mods within Lunar Client to allow you to use Lunar Client in different ways while playing Minecraft. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add your own mods to Lunar Client at this time. At the moment, there are only 2 mods available within the Forge module and they are the Not Enough Updates & the SkyblockAddons mod, which are extremely helpful for Hypixel Skyblock players. However, the Sodium module bundles a few Fabric mods that enhance your gameplay on modern versions of Minecraft, these mods include: Iris - a shaders mod intended to be compatible with existing OptiFine shader packs, Indium - a Sodium add-on providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, and Phosphor - a lighting engine optimization mod.

Have you ever wanted cosmetics in Minecraft?

Lunar Client offers a variety of cosmetics to personalize your Minecraft character on the Lunar Client Store. From cloaks, to backpacks, and even emotes, Lunar Client has many different types of cosmetics that are not found on other Minecraft Clients. With Lunar Client, you’ll be able to show off your cosmetics to other Lunar Client users as well as make your character look a lot nicer. If you’re unable to afford Lunar Client cosmetics, don’t worry! We host frequent giveaways inside the Lunar Client Discord server as well as across all socials. Additionally, there are also many other ways to earn free cosmetics, which you can read about here.

A few cosmetics available in Lunar Client
These are a few cosmetic types available on Lunar Client!

Is Lunar Client Safe for My Computer?

Lunar Client is completely safe for your computer. Lunar Client is used by millions of Minecraft players to take their Minecraft experience to the next level. Additionally, many popular influencers such as Minecraft YouTubers, Twitch streamers, brands, and servers are partnered with Lunar Client and actively promoting it throughout their content. A few examples of Lunar Client partners include xNestorio, Hannahxxrose, Tubbo, Bisect Hosting, SoaR Gaming, and more. A full list of all Lunar Client partners can be found here.

Lunar Client is trusted by the biggest names in Minecraft
Lunar Client is trusted by some of the biggest names in Minecraft!

Is Lunar Client a Hacked Client?

Lunar Client is not a hacked client or cheat that grants players an unfair advantage. Lunar Client is trusted by thousands of players who use it daily without issue on prominent Minecraft servers like the Hypixel Network, where it is an approved client. While some Minecraft servers prohibit certain features, usually server owners disable certain features using our Lunar Client API. These features that are disabled by the server will be grayed out showing the user it's disallowed. It is recommended that users also review the server's guidelines before using some of Lunar Client's capabilities.

Lunar Client allowed on Hypixel
Lunar Client referenced in Hypixel Network's "Allowed Modifications" article

How do I use Lunar Client?

To start using Lunar Client, head over to https://www.lunarclient.com/download and download the installer that corresponds to your operating system. Next, run the installer and click through the prompts. After the installer has finished, Lunar Client will automatically open and all you need to do is press the green launch button to begin playing with Lunar Client. Make sure to select the Minecraft version that you wish to play on!