Hey everyone, I am pleased to announce that Lunar Client is fully up to date with the latest Minecraft: Java Edition release, Version 1.20! This update comes with many new gameplay changes such as armor trims, smithing tables, new biomes, new structures, new creatures, and much more! I'll be going over some of these changes changes in more detail below. Jump into the "Trails and Tales Update" today with over 60+ mods & features, provided by Lunar Client, such as ToggleSprint, Keystrokes, ArmorStatus, Fullbright, Boosted FPS, Cosmetics, and much more! If you don't have Lunar Client installed head over to our download page and join the fun!

Lunar Client is now fully supported on Version 1.20!
Lunar Client on Minecraft version 1.20!

Sodium & Iris Support

I am also happy to share that the Sodium Module is already available for this update! The Sodium Module includes the popular performance and graphic enhancing mod Sodium and the modern shader mod for existing OptiFine shaders, Iris. With these mods together, they give you the best experience possible on modern versions of Minecraft!

Sodium and Iris support on Version 1.20!
The Sodium module on 1.20!


With every new update of Minecraft comes the removal of Realms from the previous latest version. Realms is a fun and simple way to play with your friends without the need of hosting a dedicated server. If you want to play on your Realms world, you must be on the latest version of Minecraft Version 1.20. You can use Realms on Lunar Client by clicking the diamond icon in the bottom middle of our main menu!

Realms Button on Lunar Client's Main Menu
Realms button on Lunar Client's main menu

New Features in 1.20

There are some amazing new features in this update from Mojang, including new creatures, new biomes, new structures, and overall amazing gameplay changes. I'll be going over a few that I personally thought was cool when updating Lunar Client!


This update introduces 2 new creatures the Camel and the Sniffer. The Camel is a naturally spawned animal found in Desert Villages, it can be rode, and has 32 health points. The camel will follow the player while holding cacti and can dash forward if uses the jump key. The Sniffer is a passive mob which was voted for during the mob vote at the Minecraft Live 2022 event. It is very large, has 14 health points, and cannot spawn naturally. The Sniffer often sniffs in the air and occasionally digs for torch flower seeds.

The camel in Minecraft version 1.20 roaming the desert
A Camel roaming the Desert biome
The Sniffer in Minecraft version 1.20 sniffing some flowers
A Sniffer sniffing some flowers


With this update, Mojang added a new biome called the Cherry Grove biome! This biome is usually located in the mountains, and it spawns pigs, sheep, rabbits, and bees! This biome introduces a new tree variant called Cherry. This tree variant will occasionally generate a bee nest and will also have a brand new particle effect for it's dropping leaves.

The Cherry Grove biome on Minecraft version 1.20
The Cherry Grove biome


This update added a new structure into the world generation. This structure is called Trail Ruins, it is a buried structure from a lost culture. This structure is usually found in all taiga biomes, birch forests, and jungles. It is typically completely buried in Coarse Dirt and Gravel so bring a shovel! This structure contains a few cool items hidden in the suspicious gravel that generates. These items include 4 new armor trims, new pottery sherds, dyes, candles, panes, and much more!

The start of a long excavation in the Trail Ruins Structures
The start of a long excavation in the Trail Ruins

Armor Trims

Another amazing change this update brought to us is Armor Trims! Armor Trims are a way for you to customize your armor in many different ways. The way to customize your armor is to collect Smithing Templates located in various structures around the world. There are currently 16 different Smithing Templates you can collect that all provide a different trim style. Once you collect a Smithing Template, you will need to create a Smithing Table to customize your armor with a cool trim! Your trim can be colored differently by choosing different ingots or crystals when smithing.

Armor Trims on Minecraft version 1.20
A few Armor Trims on different types of armor


This update also added a new bookshelf block called Chiseled Bookshelf. This new bookshelf block is an entirely functional bookshelf that allows you to store various types of books into it. You can store a total of 6 books, including enchanted books, written books, book and quills, or knowledge books. It can be crafted with 6 planks and 3 wooden slabs.

The new bookshelf block in Minecraft version 1.20
The Chiseled Bookshelf block storing books


Those are some of the changes that I liked the most in this update and there are many more included, so check out the official changelog, from Mojang, here! If you want the best experience possible while playing the new update, head over to our download page and install Lunar Client! Lunar Client has all the mods you need to take on this major version release. Another thing that is great about Lunar Client is it automatically updates all of your favorite mods and features as soon as Mojang releases a new Minecraft update, so you will never have to worry about downloading or updating your mods again. I hope you all enjoy this update as much as we've had getting Lunar Client supported on it!