Hello everyone! Today’s blog will be a little different from our usual posts. We will be highlighting our partnered server, Lunar Network, which is having a grand release of their Practice Worldwide server on Saturday, June 25th, at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6 PM GMT.

Lunar Network has been a competitive Minecraft PvP server for Minecraft versions 1.7 and 1.8. The server was best known for Minecraft UHC, PotPvP, Practice, and Hardcore Factions. Today, Lunar Network’s focus is solely on Minecraft Practice.

Practice Worldwide

For the past 6+ months, the team at Lunar Network has been working on creating a server that appeals to everyone instead of just the competitive PotPvP community. Practice Worldwide aims to be that server.

The first step to this was ensuring that everyone had the best possible ping to the server. Upon release, Lunar Network will have servers in 12 locations worldwide in places such as:

  • Virginia and Los Angeles, USA

  • Montreal, Canada

  • London, UK

  • Warsaw, Poland

  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Milan, Italy

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Singapore, Singapore

  • Sydney, Australia 

  • Manama, Bahrain

Players on Lunar Client will automatically be sent to the best server based on their connection and ping. In competitive queues, the server will attempt to find a fair and balanced match based on location and elo for both players.

The second step to ensuring Lunar Network appeals to a broader audience was to add new features. The server will be released with new ladders, events, and techniques. We will be highlighting some of them below.


Wall Run: Practice different wall-based parkour, where you're only allowed to place wool blocks onto iron and diamond blocks to parkour your way through the map to reach the finish line. Your goal is to go from start to finish without checkpoints to see how fast you can go.

Bridge: Practice different bridging methods to go from Point A to Point B the quickest. Play around with our multiple settings to practice the different scenarios you might encounter during bedwars, skywars, or any gamemode involving speed bridging.

TNT Jump: In this technique, you practice timing TnT Jumps to see if you can make it across large gaps and land safely on the diamond bridge.

Fireball Launch: Pretty similar to TnT Jump; however, your goal is to use a fireball to launch yourself as far as possible to see if you can make it across large gaps.

MLG Clutch: A classic, your goal is to prevent yourself from taking fall damage while falling from different heights. You can select either a water bucket, cobweb, ladder, or boat to practice preventing fall damage.

  • Hypixel UHC

  • Final UHC

  • Bed Fight

  • Battle Rush

  • Top Bridge Fight

  • Obstacles

  • OP Duel

  • OP Soup

  • Soup HG

  • Bow Sumo

  • Stick Fight

  • Bow Spleef

  • Lucky Shot

  • Arcade Mashup

  • Arcade


4Corners: Every player selects one of four corners, then at the end of the selection period, a random corner is cut out, exposing the players that selected that corner to the void. If you fall into the void, you're eliminated from the event. After each round, players can choose a new corner or stick with their current one. The event will continue until only one player remains in a corner. The last person to remain on a corner wins the event.

Race: A classic parkour race. Everyone is spawned into the same parkour course, and the first player to reach the finish line wins the event.

Thimble: At the start of each round, all players in the event jump from a platform in the sky and land in a water pit below. If you manage to land in a water block, it's then replaced with a bedrock block. However, if you miss the water block and hit a bedrock block or the outside arena, you're eliminated from the event. The event will continue until only one player is left and they successfully land in a water block.

Last Man Standing: Everyone is spawned into an arena with the same (no debuff) loadout and invisibility. Once the starting counter reaches go, it turns into an FFA, where the last person alive wins the event.

One In The Chamber: All event players are spawned into an arena and given a bow, pickaxe, and one arrow. Every player is a one-shot kill, and every kill rewards you with one arrow. However, if you miss your bow shot, you'll have to resort to your pickaxe, which takes much longer to eliminate players. The first player to 20 eliminations, or whoever has the most eliminations at the end of the time limit, wins the event.

TNT Run: Players run around a multi-layer arena as blocks disappear under their feet. If you fall to the bottom of the arena, then you're eliminated. The last player still able to run around wins the event.

Block Sumo: An FFA game mode where every event player is spawned into a sumo-styled arena with only wool blocks and five lives. Every so often, all players alive receive a random item to boost and encourage PvP. You can also gain stronger ability items every so often when they spawn on the golden block in the center of the map. If you fall into the void, then you lose a life. You can win by eliminating all other players' lives or by standing (capping) the golden block in the center of the map for 15 seconds.

Spleef: All event players are spawned into a giant spleef arena with a shovel that instantly breaks snow blocks. Your goal is to destroy the snow blocks below all other players to make them fall into the void below. The last person remaining on the platform wins the event.

Team Deathmatch: Everyone is evenly split into two different teams, blue and red. Each team will receive the same loadout. Once an opposing team member kills you, you're eliminated. Once every player from either team is eliminated, the remaining team wins the event.

Hot Potato: Each round, a small number of players are randomly selected to be the hot potato holders, or as "IT." If you're one of the players randomly chosen to be IT, then your goal is to punch (tag) another player before the timer runs out. If you're still holding the hot potato at the end of the timer, you're eliminated from the event. If you aren't a selected player and have not been tagged, then your goal is to run away or hide from all the players currently holding the hot potato so they cannot tag you. Once the number of players in the event slims down, a deathmatch will begin by teleporting all players back to the spawn point and selecting new players. This will continue until only one player is remaining, and that person is the winner of the event.

Sumo: Single elimination tournament event, where all players take turns fighting for the platform while being spectated by their peers. You win by knocking all your matchups off the platform and being the last remaining player.

Wool Shuffle: This event aims to run and stand on the correct color of wool, displayed in your hotbar and on your scoreboard before all the other blocks disappear, exposing the void at the end of the timer. If you're standing on the wrong color or don't reach the correct color in time, you'll be dropped into the void and eliminated from the event. After every round, the timer will shorten in time to increase the difficulty. The winner of the event is the last player to remain on the platform.

Blitz: All players are split into two teams, red and blue. You'll be spawned at your team's spawn point and be given a bow and one arrow. Every hit, whether with a bow shot or your fist, will result in a kill. After the time limit (5 minutes), the team with the most kills wins the event.

Stop Light: A classic children's game, also known as "Red Light, Green Light," as showcased in the Netflix show "Squid Game." The event works by starting all players on the starting line; they then get signaled to begin by "Green Light," "Go," or the green wool in their hotbar. In the "Go" phase, the player's goal is to start running to the finish line. However, randomly the "Go" phase will end, and the "Stop" phase will begin, indicated by "Red Light," "Stop," or the red wool in the player hotbar. If you're caught to be moving in the "Stop" phase, you're eliminated from the event. The "Stop" and "Go" phases will repeat until all players have been eliminated or one player has reached the finish line. You do need to keep an eye out for players in your nearby surrounding area, as they're able to punch you to make you move. The last person standing or the first to reach the finish line wins the event.

Knockout: Everyone is spawned into different spawn points on a platform with lava below. If you fall into the lava, you're eliminated; if a player knocks you into the lava, you're eliminated. The last player standing on the platform wins the event.

Deathrun: Similar to the race event, however, you can PvP and focus a lot less on the parkour aspect. Every event player is spawned in with an iron and soup loadout. If you die to another player or one of the many traps on the map, you're eliminated. The last person standing, or the first person to reach the finish line, wins the event.

2v2 Sumo: Similar to the regular sumo event, you're given a randomly selected teammate. Each team of two will take turns fighting their matchups. If you're knocked off the platform, you're eliminated from the event. However, if your teammate clutches up to and knocks the rest of the opposing team off the platform, you're relieved for the next matchup. Your goal is to hit the opposing team off the platform and be the last remaining team.

Infected: An event where a team of survivors fights against a relentless onslaught of infected players. If a survivor is killed, they switch teams. Players on the infected team are only armed with a slightly buffed kit, but they can be killed easily if a group of survivors attacks at the same time. The survivors win by remaining alive until the event timer ends, and the infected can win by killing all survivors before the event timer ends.

We hope that the Lunar Network can become a server for all Lunar Client players to enjoy playing fun, interactive Minecraft games. The server should be pinned to the top of everyone’s Minecraft multiplayer server list on versions 1.7 and 1.8. In case you don’t have Lunar Client but want to try out the server, the IP address is lunar.gg. 

Lunar Client is highly recommended for the best possible experience. You can Download Lunar Client today and enjoy playing on the Lunar Network, Hypixel Network, and other servers with a vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of other Lunar Client users.