Hey guys, these past two weeks have been very busy! This update includes mods such as MumbleLink and Saturation along with various new quality of life features. It also includes our brand new launcher that you guys have been dying to get your hands on. To learn more about our new launcher click here. Remember to interact with us on Twitter, @LunarClient, so we can take your suggestions and criticism into account. Also be sure to follow our new support Twitter, @LunarClientHelp, and tweet us with any issues you may be having.

We also quickly want to say that we are still hiring. Visit lunarclient.com/jobs for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players, by the players.

New Mods


  • This long awaited mod adds support for Mumble’s positional audio feature. Link your Mumble server with Lunar Client and you’re good to go!


  • Never worry about when you have to eat again! This mod displays your saturation levels.


  Icon Nametag

  • Added a Lunar Client logo to everyone's nametag that is using the client

  Mod Menu

  • Adjusted the Mod Menu's height to show all six mods instead of three

  • Added the ability to drag your mods around (Hold right-click for one second to drag)

  • Added the ability to search mods by their options

  • Added the ability to adjust the background of certain mod's height and width (To make mods look like 1.7 set height to 14)

  General Settings

  • Added an option to set your chat slightly above your hearts (Original Idea by Sk1er)

  • Added an option to make your chat messages unlimited (Unlimited Chat)

  • Added an option to stack spam messages (Original Idea by Sk1er)

  • Added an option to highlight your name color in chat (Highlight Name in Chat)

  • Added an option to disable mod sorting (Disable Mod Sorting)

  • Added an option to search mods by their options (Search Mods by Options)

  • Added an option to set your mod sort (CUSTOM or NORMAL)

  • Added an option to disable end portals (Performance Tab)

  • Added an option to disable the Lunar Client icon in your Nametag (Show Nametag Icon)

  Coordinates Mod

  • Added the ability to see if your coords will be increased/decreased based on the direction you travel (+-)

  • Added the ability to show the Biome you are in

  • Added an option to set the Biome color

  • Added an option to use preset Biome colors

  Motion Blur Mod

  • Added a new motion blur shader

  • Added an option to switch to old motion blur shader

  1.7 Visuals Mod

  • Added the 1.7 potion drinking animation

  • Adjusted the "Break Item While Digging" option it will no longer break the block


  • Added an option to enable "Jungle Axe Cooldown", this will add the SkyBlock Jungle Axe to our Cooldowns Mod.


  • Added a keybind under "Controls" tab that can completely toggle chat

  ToggleSprint Mod

  • Added an option to toggle sneaking while in a container

  Hypixel Mods

  • Added an option to change Level Head's colors

Bug Fixes

  1.7 Visuals Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the game thought you were sneaking when you first launched


  • Fixed an issue where switching profiles would put you on the "Settings" tab