Hey guys, we hope you guys had an amazing Easter and an awesome week. We decided to focus mainly on our Mod Movement UI this week and other mod improvements. All these improvements can be found below. Remember to interact with us on Twitter, @LunarClient, so we can see your suggestions and continue to improve the best client ever.

Recent Patch Notes



  • Added Zealot Counter reset w/ fancy chat message

  • Added "Hide Far Entities" option

  • Made "Hide Health Bar" option SkyBlock only

  Hud Layout

  • Added mod snapping

  • Added the ability to select multiple mods (CTRL + Left-Click)

  • Added scaling box to individual mods

  • Added the ability to undo a mods movement (CTRL + Z)

  • Added the ability to redo a mods movement (CTRL + Y)

  • Added the ability to move a mod out of the bounding box (Hold Right-Click)

  • Added the ability to reset a mods relative position (Right-Click)

  • Added the ability to use arrow keys for more precise mod movement

    All these movement shortcuts can be found in the Movement Helper located in the bottom left corner of the hud layout menu:


  • Added a "Controls" tab under General Settings for all Lunar Client controls


  Item Tracker Mod

  • Fixed an issue where players mods where changing positions after clicking in locked inventories

  1.7 Visuals Mod

  • Fixed an issue where chroma wasn't working for "Hit Armor Color" setting

  Scoreboard Mod

  • Fixed an issue where chroma was rendering poorly and causing fps lag