Hey guys, we heard your suggestions on improving our version of SkyblockAddons, and the wait is finally over! This week, we focused mostly on SBA, so not too many mods were added. Also, a lot of work went into polishing our current mods and improving the overall UX. Remember to interact with us on Twitter, @LunarClient, so we can listen to your suggestions and continue to push the community's agenda.

Recent Patch Notes


  Item Tracker

  • Always know when you drop or pick up an item! The item tracker mod will tell you which item you dropped (or picked up) and its quantity.


  Emote Menu

  • Emotes are now ordered by alphabetical order

  • Added a search bar

  • "Available Emotes" now displays 3 emotes in each row instead of 2

  • Added the ability to move while in the emote menu

  SkyblockAddons Mod

  • Added the ability to change the color of enderchests in the end

  • Added the ability to hide your food or health bar

  • Added HUD mods for Speed, Health, Mana, and Defense values

  • Added an option to hide players in lobby

  • Added an option to hide players near NPCs

  • Added Zealot counter and the ability to change the counter's color

  • Added moveable Health and Mana bars

  • Added an option to ignore item frame clicks

  • Added an option to see when your arrows are getting low

  • Fixed an issue where locking items didn't completely "lock" them

  • Fixed an issue where you could open invisible players inventories

  Crosshair Mod

  • Added functionality to have a circle crosshair

  • Added functionality to apply a dot to your existing crosshair

  Time Changer Mod

  • Removed "Server" section in the slider so all hours of the day are used (When the mod is disabled it uses the server's time)

  Color Picker

  • The color picker will now automatically scroll down to the bottom of the picker for easier UX

  Dynamic Options

  • Options will now magically appear when certain settings are enabled


  Mouse Binds

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to hotkey items in their inventory using Mouse Buttons 3, 4, or 5 (Credit to @Sk1er for finding this fix go check him out)

  Mod Searching

  • Fixed an issue where players were having to type the exact name of a mod in the search bar (For example: "Auto-Text Hotkey" can now be found by just typing "Auto", "Text", or "Hotkey")

  1.7 Visuals Mod

  • Fixed an issue where player heads in hand were upside down in third person

  Auto-Text Hotkey Mod

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to bind mouse buttons 3, 4, and 5 as a keybind

  • Added more hotkey options instead of 9 there are 15