Hey everyone, I am happy to share some of the recent changes we've added to Lunar Client in these last few weeks! Our team has been hard at work improving our multi-version platform for Minecraft's upcoming version releases. These recent improvements to our toolchain allowed us to release Minecraft's latest version, 1.19.4, within hours of it being released to the public by Mojang.

We also focused on addressing some of the most common issues reported by our community while also introducing new features to enhance gameplay. For more in-depth information about this update, please read the entirety of our patch notes below!

If you have any suggestions to improve Lunar Client, make sure to interact with us on our social media accounts or in our Discord.

We are still actively searching for new hires, please visit our jobs page for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players, by the players.

New Mods
Fog Customizer

Fog Customizer

A mod that allows you to adjust the strength of fog for water or render distance.

With this mod, you are also able to adjust the color of render distance fog.
New Features

Item Tracker

  • Completely rewrote Item Tracker to allow for more complex item blacklists and slot locking

  • Added an inventory that allows the user to ignore certain slots easy

  • Added a popup duration slider to adjust how long the HUD mod will appear

  • Added a blacklist item list that can accept any item in the game

Alert Manager

  • Added a system to allow important announcements to be displayed on the Main Menu with custom icons and colors


  • Added support for Shoes

  • Added support for animated textures

  • Added more molang queries for more complex animations

Escape Menu

  • Added a button for Lunar Support

  • Rearranged buttons to support the Player Reporting button (1.19.2+)

Particle Changer

  • Added an option to hide particles while in first person perspective

  • Added an option to mass change particles

Cosmetics Menu

  • Made it so the Minecraft character faces straight when adjusting face cosmetics like glasses or masks

Simple HUD Mods (CPS, FPS, etc.)

  • Added an option for static background width

  • Added an option to disable brackets when background is disabled

  • Added functionality for options to be dynamic, so when something is toggled off it's not showing unneeded options like a slider or color option

Friend Status

  • Added back the "Invisible" status to the Friends Menu

Toggle Sneak/Sprint

  • Created a child mod that handles all of ToggleSprint's HUD rendering

Performance Options

  • Added an option to toggle particle physics


  • Added options to individual waypoints to show beam or show text


HUD Borders

  • Improved performance of HUD borders for mods

  • Improved chroma transitions between mod borders

Ping Mod

  • Added an optimization to how ping is calculated

  • Added an option to change your ping update interval

TNT Countdown

  • Added an option to add & change the fuse prefix

  • Added an option to adjust the fuse delay

  • Added an option to disable the countdown background

Stopwatch Mod

  • Added a variety of time display formats instead of the generic 0000s

Shiny Pots

  • Added the ability to render potion glint back to 1.19.4

Bug Fixes

Version Specific Mods

  • Fixed an issue that caused version specific mods to always get re-enabled when switching between versions that did not have the mod preset (Bedwars Mod, NEU, 1.7 Visuals, Hypixel Mods, & Titles Mod)

Lighting Mod

  • Fixed an issue causing Lighting Mod's settings to work even when disabled

  • Fixed an issue causing the mod to always re-enable when relaunching the game

  • Fixed an issue allowing users to enable shaders when the Lighting Mod is enabled

  • Fixed an issue causing the gamma value to not be saved properly

  • Fixed a crash on version 1.19

Escape Menu

  • Fixed an issue causing Open to LAN to not appear in Singleplayer

  • Fixed an issue causing Player Reporting to not appear in Multiplayer (1.19.2+)

Pixel Alignment

  • Fixed an issue causing HUD Mods to have misaligned pixels at certain scales


Partnered Servers

  • Fixed an issue causing partnered server's star to not appear on modern (1.16.5+)

Chinese Input

  • Fixed an issue causing Chinese characters to not work on versions 1.7.10 and 1.8.9


  • Fixed a vanilla issue causing users to experience a double input when pressing keys on modern (MC-122477)

3D Skins

  • Fixed an issue where skulls were rotated weirdly on modern


  • Fixed an issue that caused the color of your waypoint to not save properly

Emote Wheel

  • Fixed an issue causing Main Menu components to appear when swapping pages

Version 1.7.10

  • Fixed an issue causing other player's helmets to not appear on their character

Resource Pack Menu

  • Fixed an issue causing resource packs to not appear in the resource pack list under certain circumstances

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when opening the resource pack menu (1.16.5+)

Performance Options

  • Fixed an issue that caused "Hide Foliage" & "Clear Glass" options to not work on modern (1.16.5+)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Red String" option to not work (Sodium Module)

Direction HUD

  • Fixed an issue where direction wasn't being accounted for when in Spectator mode (1.8.9+)

Version Updates

Lunar Client

  • Added support for 1.19.3

  • Added support for 1.19.4


  • Added Sodium support for 1.19.3


  • Updated Iris to version 1.5