Hey everyone, it’s been a little while! First and foremost, we hope you all had a very Happy Holidays and New Year. We have some very exciting plans for 2022 and we can’t wait to share them with you! This update includes a much requested re-work of the 1.7 Visuals Mod, an in-game skin changer, and various other updates to mods, UI, and the launcher. Read the full patch notes below for all of the details.

If you have any suggestions to improve Lunar Client, make sure to interact with us on our social media accounts.

We are still actively searching for new hires. Specifically, we are looking for new client developers to implement and create new Hypixel Skyblock mods. Visit our jobs page for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players, by the players.

New Mods
Chunk Borders

Chunk Borders

A mod that allows you to view the borders of the current chunk you are in

New Features

  Skin Changer

  • Added an in-game Minecraft skin changer to the main menu that allows users to save and change their skins on the fly

  Friends List

  • Added the ability to join your friend's server they are currently playing on

  Escape Menu

  • Replaced "Open to LAN" button with "Lunar Options" when on multiplayer

  Pinned Servers

  • Added the ability to delete certain pinned servers


  • Added functionality to properly scale cosmetics over helmets (only for bandannas for now)

  Mod Menu

  • Added the ability to sort mods by last modified (shoutout dazely)

  • Added a sorting button to the mod menu that allows users to switch between alphabetical, last modified, or custom sort for their mods


  1.7 Visuals Mod

  • Completely reworked all 1.7 animations to be more like 1.7


  • Added the ability to select which world your waypoint is set in (defaults to your current world)

  • Added tabs for worlds when viewing your waypoints list

  • Added an option to waypoint your last death location

  • Added the ability to set a waypoint if coordinates are clicked in chat


  • New interactive version tiles

  • Rounded corners on Windows 11

  • New background image and header images

  • Increased performance


  • Added pages to emotes to allow users to equip more than 8 emotes at a time

  • Added the ability to bind each emote slot on page 1 to a certain key, this allows users to quickly do emotes without opening the emote wheel

  • Added the ability to render particles with emotes

  • Added an option under general settings to disable particles on emotes

  Nick Hider

  • Added the ability to change your own nickname and the hidden player's nickname

  3D Overlay Rendering

  • Changed the way we render 3D world elements such as waypoints, chunk borders, holograms, etc. to ensure much better compatibility with shaders


  • Updated OptiFine on 1.18.1 to H5 pre4

  Chat Mod

  • Moved "Copy Coordinates" keybind to Coordinates Mod

Bug Fixes

  1.18 Settings

  • Fixed an issue causing certain Minecraft settings to reset when launching 1.18


  • Fixed an issue where enabling narrator mode would crash your game on 1.12

  Copy to Clipboard

  • Fixed an issue causing the copy to clipboard keyboard shortcut to not on modern versions (1.16+)

  Level Head

  • Fixed an issue where in competitive Hypixel modes the level randomization for nicked players would be less than 25 (You need level 25 to play competitive)

  Bedwars Mod

  • Fixed an issue causing the /locraw command to be used on non-Hypixel servers


  • Fixed a vanilla Minecraft issue that caused null scoreboard objectives to crash the game (1.7.10)