Hey everyone, our primary focus these past few weeks has been to fix bugs, implement new mods, and add quality of life features!

We finally have the much-requested Quickplay Mod. This mod allows you to switch games on the Hypixel Network seamlessly. We also added a new mod called "Snaplook" that will enable you to change/toggle your perspective by pressing a set key (no, this is not freelook). Lastly, we added the 3D Skins mod that allows you to add more details to your extra skin layers. Along with adding these new mods, we completely revamped the Crosshair Mod, fixed some much-needed bugs, and improved various aspects of our UI. Oh -- we also have Discord linking! If you aren't yet in our Discord, make sure to join!

Also, we are aware of launching issues on Intel macOS on versions 1.7, 1.8, and 1.12. We are actively working on a solution and should have an update for this soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any suggestions to improve Lunar Client, make sure to interact with us on our social media accounts.

We are still actively searching for new hires. Specifically, we are looking for new client developers to implement and create new Hypixel Skyblock mods. Visit our jobs page for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players, by the players.

New Mods
Quickplay Mod

Quickplay Mod

A mod that allows you to quickly play games on the Hypixel Network

Original Creator: buggfroggy

3D Skins Mod

3D Skins Mod

A mod that allows you to add additional depth and detail to the extra layers on your skin.

Original Creator: tr7zw

Snaplook Mod

Snaplook Mod

A mod that allows you to change your perspective with a key pressed.

New Features

  Crosshair Mod 2.0

  • Added a "Presets" tab to allow users to quickly select popular crosshairs

  • Added a custom crosshair editor to allow users to make their own crosshairs

  • Added the ability to save and share your custom crosshairs (LCCH-7-FMqas6ZQAA copy that to your clipboard and hit the import button!)

  • Added a hover animation when previewing the crosshair

  • Added a vanilla blending color option

  • Completely reworked the UI and added radio buttons to switch between modes and colors

  Item Stitching Fix

  • Fixed a Vanilla Minecraft issue where item's pixels were slightly off causing gaps

Comparison of Before
Comparison of After

  Hypixel Autocomplete

  • Added a setting in "Hypixel Mods" that allows the user to tab complete useful commands such as /play, /party, /friend, /guild, etc.

  Discord Linking

  • Added a button on the main menu to allow users to link their Minecraft username to their Discord


  Version 1.18

  • Added Realms support

  Level Head

  • Added a randomized level to nicked players


  • Added an option to disable Emotes in Lunar Client settings

  Slider Improvements

  • Clicking on the slider number allows you to edit it

  • Integer sliders now show numbers as "X" instead of "X.0"

  • Slider interpolation has been improved, should be less jerky while dragging it around

  • Integer sliders now round to the nearest integer, instead of flooring the value

  • Dragging a slider reveals the segments it rounds to

  • Holding SHIFT while dragging rounds as follows, based on (max-min):

    • 0-9.99 => roundTo = 0.1

    • 10-99.9 => roundTo = 1

    • 100-999.9 => roundTo = 10

  UI Improvements

  • Dragging mods now switches the cursor to the MOVE pointer

  • Hovering over a text input field switches the cursor to the IBEAM pointer

  • Fixed mods failing to snap correctly sometimes after releasing the mouse button

  • Fixed the center snap not actually snapping mods

  • Mods now no longer snap to hidden mods (like Bedwars mod if you aren't on Bedwars)

  • It's now easier to position mods on the edge of the screen

  • The outline of mods positioned next to each other is now 1 pixel thick instead of 2 pixels

  • Vertically centered the LC buttons (mods, cosmetics, logo, etc.)

  • Added missing mod icons for a few mods

  Tab Logos

  • Slightly improved the quality of the Lunar Client logos in tab

  Lunar Client Notifications

  • Properly centered Lunar Client logo and text

  • Use higher resolution Lunar Client logo

  • Changed all mods/settings that used chat to tell its state to use Lunar Client notifications

Bug Fixes

  Xbox Game Pass

  • Fixed an issue that disallowed users to play on Lunar Client if they were using an Xbox Game Pass account

  Color Saturation

  • Fixed an issue where if you changed perspective the color saturation shader would get disabled

  Auto Text Hotkey

  • Fixed an issue where typing in the text box wouldn't update what you typed

  Item Physics

  • Fixed an issue where Item Physics mod wasn't overriding the "Dropped Items: Fast" option on 1.7.10 causing the items to render wrong

  Main Menu Panorama

  • Fixed an issue where the main menu panorama looked pixelated and blurry on 1.17

  HUD Mods

  • Fixed an issue with certain HUD mods that rendered items/blocks not having proper lighting

  Nick Hider

  • Fixed an issue where the "Show Real Skin" option wouldn't account for the Alex model causing skins to have black bars on their arms


  • Fixed an issue causing backpacks to not render on 1.16+