Hey everyone, our primary focus these past few weeks has been to upgrade Skyblock Addons to its latest version (1.6), fix bugs, and add some quality of life features.

We not only updated SBA to its latest version this update, but we also added some new features, including SuperPairs Solver, Chronomatron Solver, and Fairy Soul Waypoints. In addition to SBA, we also added a few new settings to "Hypixel Mods." Lastly, we finally worked on some much-requested bug fixes, such as wings rendering incorrectly on 1.16/1.17 and hide foliage/clear glass not working on 1.16/1.17. If you have any suggestions to improve Lunar Client, make sure to interact with us on our social media accounts.

We are actively searching for new hires. Specifically, we are looking for new client developers to implement and create new Hypixel Skyblock mods. Visit our jobs page for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players by the players.

New Mods
Color Saturation Mod

Color Saturation Mod

A mod that allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast of your game.

New Features

  SkyblockAddons Mod

  • Added SuperPairs Solver

  • Added Chronomatron Solver

  • Added Fairy Soul Waypoints

  Hypixel Mods

  • Added an option to hide guilds on tab

  • Added an option to hide guild MOTD when joining

  • Added an option to hide lobby join messages

  • Added an option to enable short chat channel prefixes

  Message Notification

  • Added a notification sound when a friend messages you on Lunar Client

  Fire Slider

  • Added a slider option to adjust the y level of the first person fire texture

Comparison of Before
Comparison of After

  Chat Mod

  • Added a smooth chat animation when messages are coming through

  • Added a slider to adjust the speed of the smooth chat animation

  • Added a keybind to copy your coordinates

  • Added a notification sound when someone mentions your name in chat

  • Added a slider to adjust the opacity of the chat input field (shoutout 7820 <3)

  Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mod

  • Added the ability to add a background and border to Toggle Sneak/Sprint mod

Bug Fixes

  Hide Foliage and Clear Glass

  • Fixed an issue where clear glass and hide foliage options wouldn't do anything on modern (1.16/1.17)

  Modern Wing Rendering

  • Fixed an issue where the bottom face of the wings would cull on modern (1.16/1.17)

  Bossbar and Scoreboard

  • Fixed an issue where the bossbar and scoreboard mod wouldn't accept hexadecimal colors set by servers

  OptiFine 1.17

  • Fixed an issue where custom entity models would fail to load

  • Fixed an OpenGL error spam caused from shader compilation

  • Fixed an OpenGL error when joining worlds (Error: 1280)

  Account Rename

  • Fixed an issue where changing your Minecraft username wouldn't prompt a sign-in

  Log Spam

  • Fixed an issue where logs would spam when switching worlds causing a huge fps spike