Hey guys, this week our main focus was to fix compatibility issues that arose from updating to Java 16. We also focused on fixing many bugs that you can view below. We are aware that new features has been sparse but we plan to improve that shortly, these were essential changes that had to be made. If you have any suggestions to improve Lunar Client, make sure to interact with us on our social media accounts.

We are still actively searching for new hires. Visit our jobs page for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players, by the players.


  Version 1.17

  • Updated to 1.17.1

  • Added cosmetics and emotes support


  • Updated translations for supported languages

  Emotes Menu

  • Added an animator credit to the lore of emotes when selecting them

  UI Performance

  • Improved performance for the Lunar UI immensely

Bug Fixes

  M1 Support

  • Fixed M1 Support for all versions except 1.17 (coming soon)

  Pixel Format Error

  • Fixed an issue affecting older machines not being able to launch (if you are still experiencing this, update your drivers)


  • Fixed an issue where players weren't able to connect to servers on Linux

  Multi Connect

  • Fixed an issue in vanilla Minecraft where you could connect to 2 servers at once

  Auto Text Hotkey

  • Fixed an issue where Auto Text Hotkey mod was sending blank messages


  • Fixed a crash when using the spyglass item in 1.17

  Hypixel Mods

  • Fixed an issue where /tip all would only be done once the entire time connected to Hypixel


  • Fixed a shading issue for hats, bandannas, and masks


  • Fixed a specific bug that made you crash while emoting while wearing a cosmetic

  Borderless Fullscreen

  • Fixed an issue where borderless fullscreen wasn't working because the window wasn't being properly sized based on the scale of the monitor's resolution

  Low Fire Texture

  • Fixed an issue with Lunar's low fire texture overriding resourcepacks' texture


  • Fixed an issue where waypoints were rendering on top of each other

  Profanity Filter

  • Fixed an issue where chat filter would break chat colors on some servers


  • Fixed a crash on Version 1.7.10 when receiving an achievement

  SkyblockAddons Mod

  • Fixed a crash when clicking on "Double Warp" when in fancy warp menu


  Version 1.15

  • Removed 1.15 due to lack of popularity and support

  Replay Mod

  • Removed Replay Mod in order for us to re-work our implementation, fix issues, and ensure full compatibility

  Net Graph Mod

  • Removed Net Graph Mod due to lack of popularity and support