Hey everyone, these past two weeks have been extremely busy for the entire team. This latest update includes new mods such as Hitbox and 2D Items Mod. We also fixed various issues that you can find below. We're currently in the testing phase of ReplayMod, which should be out in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions to improve Lunar Client, make sure to interact with us on our social media accounts. We also want to thank you all for helping us reach 100,000 concurrent users on Lunar Client, 50,000 Twitter followers, and 90,000 Discord members!

We are still actively searching for new hires. Visit our jobs page for all relevant information. Thank you all for the constant support; Lunar Client is made for the players, by the players.

New Mods
Hitbox Mod

Hitbox Mod

A mod that allows you to customize Minecraft hitboxes to your liking

2D Items Mod

2D Items Mod

A mod that allows you to render dropped items and blocks in 2D


  1.7 Visuals Mod

  • Added 1.7 sneaking animation back


  • Updated to M6 pre1 on version 1.8.9

  • Updated to G6 pre1 on version 1.12.2


  • Made the Main Menu's panorama image more vibrant

  • Added mod icons for a few mods that didn't have one

  • Added branding to emote wheel

  Friends Menu

  • Added the Minecraft version your online friends are using

  Screenshot Uploader Mod

  • Added a copy button in chat when taking a screenshot

  • Added an option to copy the screenshot to clipboard automatically

  • Added options to disable certain chat buttons

  Performance Options

  • Added an option to disable rendering of stuck arrows in players

  • Added an option to disable rendering of stuck arrows in the ground

  Chat Mod

  • Added an option to stop servers from closing your chat (This was originally created by Cecer)

Bug Fixes

  Mouse Keybinds

  • Fixed an issue where some mods weren't accepting mouse buttons as a keybind

  Motion Blur Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the Motion Blur shader would get removed when changing perspective causing a flicker

  ToggleSprint Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the fly boost option wasn't respecting the fly speed sent from the server

  • Fixed an issue where togglesprint wasn't being properly toggled (1.12.2)

  Zoom Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the smooth camera position wouldn't reset when unzooming (1.7.10)

  Menu Blur Mod

  • Fixed an issue where some inventories weren't being blurred (1.15/1.16)


  • Fixed an issue where your perspective would change when trying to emote while sneaking

  Pack Display Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the "textures" resourcepack was taking priority over other selected packs

Updated Third-Party Mods


  • Disabled multiple features to comply with new Hypixel rules

    The following features have been disabled:

    • Disable ember rod on private island

    • Enchantment and reforge filters

    • Hide players near NPCs

    • Ignore item frame clicks

    • Avoid placing enchanted items

    • Avoid breaking stems

    • Prevent movement on death

    • Crafting patterns

    • Jungle axe cooldown

    • Only mine ores in deep caverns

    • Only mine valuables in the nether

    • Double warp

    • Only break logs in the park