Minecraft is commonly viewed as a video game that is played primarily for entertainment purposes. However, Minecraft can actually be a useful educational tool. From inspiring youth to fostering creativity, Minecraft has a real and important impact on the educational world. Today, more than 7000 schools around the world use Minecraft as an educational tool in the classroom.

When introducing Minecraft to the classroom, it is necessary to purchase a Minecraft server. This is because Minecraft servers allow both students and educators to play together and interact seamlessly in-game. With this in mind, it can often be tough for educators to find the perfect server host to bring their classroom to the next level with Minecraft.

The Craft Together Project

BisectHosting, a game server hosting company, has a history of assisting with Minecraft in the education space with The Craft Together Project. The Craft Together Project aims to inspire the next generation of adults by creating an environment where youth feel comfortable socializing and growing. The project hopes to accomplish this by providing high-quality, free-of-charge Minecraft servers to institutions such as libraries, schools, and other learning communities.

As a part of The Craft Together Project, BisectHosting sponsored BeachHacks, a student-run hackathon that showcases high schoolers’ programming skills to colleges and companies. Through this event, BisectHosting was able to help students showcase their coding skills to over 600 live viewers. BisectHosting also sponsors the Oxfordshire Scouts via The Craft Together Project. Through this sponsorship, BisectHosting provides a safe and reliable server for students to play on and has built competitions with other youth organizations worldwide. Together with the Oxfordshire Scouts, BisectHosting aims to foster creativity, competition, and teamwork in students around the world. The Craft Together Project has helped many other educational organizations worldwide and these institutions are just two examples out of many.

Builds created by the Oxfordshire Scouts as a result of The Craft Together Project


BisectHosting is the perfect solution for educators looking to purchase a Minecraft server. From low prices to a stellar reputation, this company is sure to make your experience using Minecraft in the classroom a breeze. Want to know more? You can read about BisectHosting and its many advantages here.

So whether you’re looking to fully introduce Minecraft to your classroom or you just want to try it out in an after-school club, BisectHosting has got you covered. If you’re still unsure about choosing BisectHosting to assist you with integrating Minecraft into your classroom, you can reach out to their team with any questions.