Today we are super excited to announce that Lunar Client is partnering with TubNet, a brand-new Minecraft: Java Edition server owned by content creator, Tubbo.

TubNet takes competitive gaming in Minecraft to the next level by introducing exciting new mechanics, weapons, items, and abilities. There are currently three games on TubNet, with more to come by the end of the year.

Lunar Client x TubNet partnership
TubNet Gamemodes

TubNet provides users with a number of engaging gamemodes for users of all skill ranges to play. In one of the games, Light Strike, players must either place or defuse an explosive before time runs out. Players must use various custom, or vanilla, weapons, items, and abilities.

Another game featured on TubNet is Crystal Rush. This is a Bedwars-styled game with the addition of powerful orbs and totems that can launch players into the air, heal your allies, shoot your enemies out of the air, or grapple you to other sides of the map.

And just this week, TubNet released its latest game mode: Battle Royale. Check it Battle Royale and all the gamemodes on offer today by connecting to

Gamemodes that are offered on TubNet

TubNet prides itself on being a next-generation Minecraft Server. As the #1 Minecraft Client, we are happy to partner with them to provide players with a best-in-class user experience. The modifications within Lunar Client allow for a vastly improved gameplay experience in several current and future TubNet game modes, particularly in Crystal Rush and Light Strike with the various HUD mods.

What is Lunar Client?

If you're are unfamiliar with Lunar Client, we are an all-in-one mod pack that includes hundreds of your favorite modifications, vastly improves FPS (sometimes up to double!), and allows you to interact with your friends in Minecraft like never before. Lunar Client supports all modern versions of Minecraft: Java Edition, starting from 1.7 and going up to the latest version, 1.19. This, combined with the ability to run on Windows, macOS, and Linux, gives users a consistent experience across versions and platforms, no matter how you like to play! You can check out the full list of features here.

TubNet featured in the Lunar Client Launcher

You can connect to TubNet by clicking on their logo on our Launcher Home page or their banner on the Launcher Servers page. TubNet is also pinned to your Lunar Client Multiplayer server list. You can also directly connect to TubNet using the following IP address:

Keep an eye out on our and TubNet’s social media pages for the latest announcements regarding our partnership, including new cosmetics, emotes, and TubNet-specific features!