Another Lunar Client Vault Sale is coming to an end! The Lunar Client Vault Sale is a bi-yearly sale where old cosmetics from previous years are brought back into the Lunar Client store. This sale is a great time to purchase cosmetics that you may have missed throughout the year. You can visit the Lunar Client Store by going here! At the top of the page, you can navigate through the store by clicking on the various cosmetic categories. As this recent vault sale comes to a close, let's take a look at our top picks for cosmetics.

Curious about how a specific cosmetic looks on your skin? Login to the store so that your skin is shown, then you can click on a cosmetic and use the preview window on the left.

Vault sales typically last for a few weeks, so make sure to take advantage while it lasts.

Solid Black Wings

The Solid Black Wings are an extremely popular choice amongst Lunar Client players. These highly coveted wings fit with almost any skin or cosmetic combo! The Solid Black Wings have a price of $25.00 USD (or $19.13 during the Vault Sale) and are located in the Lunar section of the Wings category.

Mini-Me Pet

Are you unsure about what pet to purchase? In our opinion, the Mini-Me Pet is the perfect choice for even the most indecisive buyers. The Mini-Me Pet is exactly what its name entails: A miniature render of your skin sitting on top of your shoulder. This pet has unique animations for walking, swimming, and even flying. The Mini-Me Pet is the perfect companion for all of your Minecraft adventures and you will not regret buying this pet. To purchase this pet, head over to the Lunar section of the Pets category.

Fire Emote

With its bright orange flames and twirling leap, the Fire Emote is sure to draw attention. Unfortunately, the Fire Emote does not loop and isn’t transversal—meaning you cannot move while emoting. However, don’t let this hinder you from purchasing this emote. The Fire Emote is a favorite and one of the best emotes in Lunar Client. You can purchase this Emote inside the Emotes section.

Captains Pirate Hat

It’s big, it’s funky, and it’s memorable. What’s not to love about the Captains Pirate Hat? Sure, it may not always fit with other cosmetics, but with the Captains Pirate Hat, you’ll be a true captain as you stand out in any crowd. That being said, the hat is a great accessory that adds flare to any skin it is used with. This hat can be found under the Classic section of the Hats category.

Pixelated Blue Cloak

Straight from the October selection, the Pixelated Blue Cloak is a classic. The cloak’s minimalist design keeps it simple yet sweet, making it a crowd favorite among Lunar Client players. You can buy the Pixelated Cloak from the October section of the Cloaks category.

We hope this article helped you choose some cosmetics from the vault sale. If you missed the vault sale, don’t worry, there will be another vault sale soon. As always, if you have any questions or issues with payments, reach out to our support team at Happy shopping!