Lunar Client Coupons

Did you know there's a spot to enter a coupon code at the Lunar Client Store checkout? Many players aren't aware of this feature, as they haven't used it or even seen a Lunar Client Coupon before. A coupon can give you a discount on the Lunar Client store and can potentially make specific cosmetics free!

Example 10% off Lunar Store Code

In the past, coupons were given out when trying to purchase a Lunar Client cosmetic using a cryptocurrency. This is no longer the case as the Lunar Client Store now natively supports all payments made with cryptocurrencies.

Obtaining and Using Coupons

Lunar Client Store coupons are now quite rare and are typically given out in the Lunar Client Discord or on the Lunar Client Twitter account on special occasions. Unfortunately, there is no other way to obtain a Lunar Client Store coupon at the moment, however, we may add other ways to get Lunar Client Store coupons in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Example of giving away coupon codes

If you have a Lunar Client Store coupon, you can use it on the Lunar Client Store by entering it into the coupon prompt at checkout. Finding the coupon prompt on the Lunar Client store is extremely easy. First, head over to the Lunar Client Store by clicking here, and make sure that you have added all of the Lunar Client cosmetics that you wish to purchase, to your cart.

Next, press Click to View Cart at the top right of your screen then click Checkout. Once you have been redirected to the Checkout Page, you will see a box that says Redeem Coupon on the right side of your screen. Enter your coupon code into the box and then press the blue Redeem button. After this, don’t forget to click the Checkout button to complete your purchase! Now that you’ve redeemed the coupon for your purchase, all you need to do is pay. The discount from the coupon is automatically applied to your payment.

Spot to Redeem the Coupon

Don’t have a coupon code but still want to save money on Lunar Client cosmetics? Don’t worry! We regularly run store-wide sales on the Lunar Client Store. Sales are announced on both the Lunar Client Discord server as well as on the Lunar Client Twitter account.


During the past couple of months, there has been a large increase in fake Lunar Client Store coupons being offered to players. If you are offered a Lunar Client cosmetic or coupon that requires you to click on a link or give out your email, this is a fake coupon.

Lunar Client will never require you to click on a link or give out your email to receive a cosmetic. Clicking on links such as these or entering your email into scam websites may result in your Minecraft account being stolen, and it is not guaranteed that you will be able to get it back.

We highly recommend that you immediately report and block any users who are giving out fake Lunar Client Store coupons or cosmetics. The Lunar Client team is aware of these fake Lunar Client Store coupon scams and is working on mitigating the problem. At the moment, it is highly recommended to stay aware of Lunar Client Store coupon fraud so that you can keep your Minecraft account safe. More information regarding Lunar Client Coupon scams can be found here.