Hypixel Skyblock is a gamemode where you start on your Private Island with nothing. As you start collecting resources, expand your island, create farms, fight monsters in Dungeons, and much more. There are so many different aspects of Hypixel Skyblock for you to delve into, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. In this article, we will cover some essential Lunar Client mods to enhance your Hypixel Skyblock experience.

Hypixel Skyblock Mod by Lunar Client

Lunar Client provide some built in Hypixel Skyblock mod with many quality of life features that support from version 1.8 up to the latest version. To access this, go to the Lunar Client mod menu, by pressing the Right Shift key. Next, you can use the use the top right search bar and search for the Hypixel Skyblock mod.

  • Etherwarp Preview

    • This feature highlights the block you are looking at, letting you know exactly where you will be teleported to when using the Aspect of the Void.

  • Damage Splash Customizer

    • This feature allows you to customize the SkyBlock Damage Splash to your liking by changing their colors, shortening them, or even hiding them entirely!

  • Garden Visitor HUD

    • This feature displays the current number of visitors in your Garden and when the next visitor will arrive directly on the HUD.

  • Composter Display HUD

    • This feature displays your Composter information on the HUD, which will allow you to see how much fuel, composter, organic matter, and exactly how much time is left until the next Compost is created.

  • Spirit Leap Overlay

    • This feature will allow you to show the player names in the Spirit Leap menu when inside a Dungeon, along with allowing you to customize and highlight different classes or a specific player by name so you can quickly distinguish your party members!

  • Max Visitor Notification

    • This feature will ensure you don’t forget to attend to your visitors when the queues are full, so you don’t miss out on any new visitors by sending a title alert on your screen.

  • Skyblock Rarity Backgrounds

    • This feature shows a color background behind an item corresponding to its rarity to help you quickly distinguish the items apart from each other without having to directly hover over them.

  • Dungeon Score Notifications

    • This feature sends an alert on your screen when you hit either 270, 300 score or both inside of Dungeons.

  • Show Levels as Stack Size

    • This feature converts the item stack size into useful information. For example, when looking at a Tier 11 Snow Minion, instead of having to hover and glance over the name, you can quickly tell by looking at the stack size instead. This also works on other items, including the Enchanted Books Level, Potions Level, Minions Level, Item Star Count, and Pet Candies Count.

  • Dungeon Map Overlay


    • This feature shows the Dungeon Map on the HUD directly on your screen without requiring you to hold the map in your hand.

  • Dungeon Secret Bat Helper

    • This feature allows you to enlarge the size and show the hitbox of the secret bats inside the Dungeons so they can be easily spotted.

  • Floor 7 Terminal Solvers

    • This feature provides various solvers to help you solve the Terminal inside of the Floor 7 Dungeon. These include the Select Same Color Terminal, Starts with Letter Terminal, Match Color Terminal, Simon Says Device, and Arrow Align Device. Not only that, you also enable the Block Wrong Clicks option, which will prevent you from making any mistakes and ruining the run!

  • Highlight Spirit Bow

    • This feature highlights the dropped Spirit Bows in the Floor 4 and the Master Mode Floor 4 boss fights, so you can easily spot where the bow is.

  • Hide Hunger/Armor Bars on Skyblock

    • This feature allows you to hide the Hunger Bar and the Armor Bars when playing Skyblock, so you have more room on your screen for more useful HUDs!

  • Hide Falling Blocks / Midas Staff Blocks

    • This feature allows you to hide falling block entities that are made from various item abilities, for example, the Midas Staff. Not only will this help improve your FPS performance, but it will also allow you to see more clearly when using these items.

  • Automatically Copy Rare Drops

    • This feature automatically copies any rare drops and pet drops messages to your clipboard, so you can quickly show them off to your friends.

  • 1.12 Crop Hitboxes

    • This feature changes the crop hitboxes with the 1.12+ variant, so crop hitboxes are bigger and easier to destroy when farming.

  • Slayer Mini-Boss Alert

    • This feature sends an alert to your screen when you spawn a mini-boss while attempting the slayer bosses.

    Lunar Client also provides third-party Skyblock mods that will further enhance your Skyblock experience. Unlike the Hypixel Skyblock mod provided by Lunar Client, however, this will only work on version 1.8 while playing on the Forge Module. To access these third-party mods, make sure you are launching the 1.8 Forge Module in the launcher. Next, go to the Lunar Client mod menu by pressing the Right Shift key. Using the top-right search bar, you can search for each mod as we mention them in the article.

SkyblockAddons by Biscuit

  • Health, Mana, Defense HUDs

    • This feature displays your Health, Mana and Defense more informatively directly as HUDs allowing you to turn them into scale bars, texts along with resizing and moving them around your screen.

  • Slayer Tracker

    • This feature displays the number of slayer bosses slain and their drops as HUDs allowing you to know exactly how much money you’ve made grinding.

  • Lock Slots

    • This feature prevents you from accidentally dropping your valuable items on the floor by locking it in place in your hotbar simply by hovering over the item you would like to lock and pressing the Lock Slot Keybind.

  • Dropped Items Glow

    • This feature creates a glowing outline on dropped items and changes color based on the item rarities, this allows you to easily spot any items dropped on the floor.

  • Dungeons:

    • Outline Dungeon Teammates

      • This feature creates a glowing outline on your party teammates allowing you to spot them through walls in the Dungeon.

    • Show Critical Dungeon Teammates

      • This feature creates a critical alert above their head when a teammate is low on health to let you know exactly who to go save.

  • Fancy Warp Menu

    • This feature turns the classic warp menu Skyblock has into a more user friendly format, allowing you to warp to any islands and warps with a single click.

  • Don’t Reset Cursor Inventory

    • This feature prevents the cursor from resetting to the middle of the GUIs when you are switching between different Skyblock menu pages, this is often useful when switching between the backpack pages.

NotEnoughUpdates (NEU) by Moulberry

  • Profile Viewer

    • This feature brings up the profile viewer showing their stats, networth, inventories and so much more. You can access this by right clicking on the player and going to the Profile Viewer option or by doing /pv (player)

  • Item List


    • This feature brings up the item list of every item on Skyblock, using this you’re able to find out how each item is obtained whether they are crafted or dropped from mobs. You can also learn more about each item by opening the official Skyblock wiki directly from in-game.

  • Skill Overlays

    • This feature shows informative HUDs for each skill, for example, when Farming, you will be able to see the crops per seconds, currently xp, yaw and much more.

  • Todo Overlays


    • This feature shows an overlay that will remind you to do important tasks, for example Crimson Isle Quests, Heavy Pearls timer, Commissions etc.

  • Storage GUI

    • This feature shows a custom storage overlay when accessing the storage menu, this makes switching between pages easier and allows you to search and see all pages all at once.

  • Enchanting Solvers

    • This feature helps solve the experimental table minigames, prevents any misclicks and saves all your previous Superpairs so you never miss any rare enchants.

  • Tooltip Price Information

    • This feature allows you to see price information on auction/bazaar items under the tooltip so you can see the item prices, lowest BIN and more.

  • Dungeon Profit

    • This feature allows you to see your chests profit at the end of each Dungeon run so you know exactly what chest to open without any hesitation.