Hey guys, we know we’ve been a little quiet recently, but we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. A big update is in the works, and we hope you will all enjoy it! Soon enough, we will be able to share more information regarding this. In this blog post, I would like to talk about some recent news regarding Lunar Client, our store, and our social media platforms.

Recent Issues

We want to address some of the recent issues regarding Lunar Client that have recently surfaced; one being the CPS cap and the other being the “bad hit detection” on 1.8.9. First off, the CPS cap only affects Lunar Client protected servers (aka servers who utilize the Lunar anti-cheat). The cap is also set to 15 attacks per second. Secondly, we recently fixed an issue with the miss cooldown mechanic added in vanilla 1.8.9, which is why some of you guys are complaining about the “hit detection”. Unfortunately, this is not a Lunar Client specific issue, it is vanilla 1.8.9. To try to visually appease these changes, we added an option under the “1.7 Visuals” mod that will allow you to configure the missed swing behavior. If you want it to look exactly like vanilla 1.8.9, set the setting to “Do Nothing”. These settings are purely visual and do not affect gameplay.

Store Update

We also want to address the store being down. Around 1 month ago, PayPal suspended our account with no notice. This left us in a very tough situation as we have staff members, YouTubers, and developers to pay. We have yet to recover our PayPal but are in contact with their legal team. We still do not know the reason for our suspension and have yet to receive any competent support from their customer service team. Just last week, we were able to get approved on the payment processor “Xsolla”. This new payment processor will be able to accept Credit Cards, Giftcards, and various other payment methods. We are currently only selling Emotes and Wings, with more cosmetics to come shortly, including Hats and Bandanas. There is no ETA when Cloaks and Unbans will return to the store, but we are very confident that they will be back in no time. When the store does return, we will be having a Vault Sale, where players will be able to purchase everything we’ve ever sold for a very short amount of time. We will only do this one to two times per year, so be on the lookout for the announcement!

Social Media

Last but not least, we want to quickly shout out all of our Social Media accounts. We love interacting with you guys on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, so make sure to follow us! The official Lunar Client Twitter is @LunarClient. The Discord server can be found at https://lunarclient.com/discord and the Telegram channel can be found at https://t.me/LunarClient. We do constant giveaways on our Twitter and hold two raffles per month on our Discord server, where the winners get a rank. To enter, you just have to boost our Discord! I also want to quickly give a shoutout to mine and Jordan’s Twitters as we sometimes use it to make official statements regarding Lunar Client: @physcimc and @TheBroJordan.

Thank you all for the constant support, we appreciate it. Below you will find a list of bug fixes and some improvements that were made in the last couple of days. Please note that these changes are minor due to the fact that our development team is focused on a bigger future update.


Linux Support


  • Added End Stone Protector Stage

  • Improved Zealot Counter

1.7 Visuals

  • Added an enum option to configure your Miss Cooldown Behavior, this option includes:

  • "Do Nothing" this setting will make it exactly like vanilla 1.8.9

  • "Show Swing" this setting will make it so it will fake the swing when you are on the miss hit cooldown

  • "Show Swing & Particles" this setting will make it so it will fake the swing and particles when you are on the miss hit cooldown

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with colors not working

  • Fixed an issue with 1.7 tab option not sorting properly


  • Fixed an issue where the Magma Boss Timer wasn't working properly