Hosting your own Minecraft server can be fun, yet it can often get old quickly. That’s why many Minecraft server owners want to push their server to the next level by integrating a Minecraft modpack into their server. However, with so many choices, it is very easy to get lost in a sea of different modpacks.

Many server hosters are commonly confused on how to use and install these modpacks. Luckily, BisectHosting offers easy one-click installation for the most popular Minecraft modpacks. In fact, BisectHosting has an enormous catalog of thousands of different Minecraft modpacks that are all available for installation onto your server with one click.

Still feeling lost? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top beginner modpacks for your Minecraft server—all of which can be installed with one-click on a Minecraft server from BisectHosting!


If you enjoy Pokémon, this is the perfect Minecraft modpack for you: Pixelmon is an extremely popular modpack that integrates Pokémon into Minecraft. This modpack allows players to catch, train, and fight Pokémon. Whether you’re a Pokémon expert or someone who’s never even heard of Pokémon, Pixelmon is sure to captivate and draw you into the world of Pokémon!


RLCraft, or Real Life Craft, is a Minecraft modpack that is designed to make the Minecraft survival mode more realistic—and a lot tougher. From new biomes and mobs to an RPG system, the modpack adds many new aspects to survival mode, ensuring that you will never have a boring moment on your server. Be careful though, this modpack is much harder than regular survival (or even hardcore) mode!


Are you getting bored of regular skyblock? Look no further because this is the perfect Minecraft modpack for you. SkyFactory is a skyblock-esque modpack, however it is so much more than just regular skyblock. This modpack lets players create and expand a world in the sky with new and innovative gameplay aspects, such as prestiges, countless different world types, and much more. Throughout the gameplay of this modpack, players will automate many processes, including farming, thus creating a “factory” in the sky.


Like RLCraft, Valhelsia is a modpack that targets survival. Unlike RLCraft, Valhelsia is not insanely hard. In this modpack, you can expect gameplay centered around RPG. Valhesia also includes a variety of exclusive features, including new biomes, unique dimensions, and much more. If you’re ever bored, Valhelsia is the perfect modpack to install on your Minecraft server to keep you entertained.


New to Minecraft modpacks? Don’t worry! The University modpack is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of Minecraft modpacks. University does exactly what its name implies: It’s a “university” for many common Minecraft mods that you may encounter in other modpacks. This modpack features simple tutorials in the form of quests. Mods such as Applied Energistics 2, Integrated Dynamics, and many more are included in these quests.