What does MHF stand for?
MHF stands for "Minecraft Head Format". It's a collection of active accounts that have custom, static skins, prefixed by the characters "MHF_". These accounts are often used to create common objects in Minecraft, like blocks or items, as player heads.
This allows map makers and server owners to use them as custom decorations or icons in their games. The heads do not change because the skins are locked and do not update.
Can you get a custom head in Minecraft Survival?
Yes, you can get custom heads in Minecraft Survival and on Multiplayer Servers, but it requires the use of commands. By clicking on the heads above, we provide you with the commands for each version and the Username of the associated account.
It is important to note that this only works in Minecraft: Java Edition, and you need to have operator status or cheats enabled to run commands in your world.
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