Multiplayer on Minecraft: Java Edition is a great way to meet new friends, make fun memories, but most importantly to kick back, and relax. Whether its on big minigame networks such as Hypixel, TubNet, or adventure-based servers such as Wynncraft - these servers exist as a way for players to interact across their gigantic in-game worlds. Minecraft has such a large and vast community full of mod creators, server developers, survivalists, builders, and more; how can it be possible to keep up with everything that’s going on? Lunar Client encompasses all sorts players, and communities like those mentioned above. We understand how Minecraft players want an easier way to connect. That’s why we’ve built an epic community Discord server full of people from all parts of the Minecraft community - that most importantly, actively choose Lunar Client as their way to enjoy Minecraft!

What is Discord?

Simply put, Discord is primarily a voice and text app. It’s used worldwide for communication across different communities such as gamers, educational institutions, organizations, etc. Discord exists on both PC and Mobile and is a great way for people to communicate outside of whatever game they may play. You can learn more about Discord here on their official post! If you want to join the Lunar Client Discord server, you’ll have to create a Discord account first. You can do so by following this guide. After you’ve created an account, scroll down to learn how to join the Lunar Client Discord!

What is the Lunar Client Discord?

The Lunar Client Discord is a place for everyone who enjoys Minecraft: Java Edition and Lunar Client to join and discuss various topics! It acts as a hub for all Minecraft players to connect and talk about their experiences while playing. Our Discord server was originally created in March of 2019, and has been growing rapidly in sync with Lunar Client’s player base!

Check out some statistics we've achieved so far on Discord!
  • Peaked at 212,000 members

  • Given away roughly 600 Lunar cosmetics to our Discord members

  • Amassed a total of 600+ Discord Nitro server boosters supporting Lunar

  • Had over 20 MILLION Discord chat messages sent across channels

  • Averages 20,000 messages daily

Lunar Client Discord!
Join the Lunar Client Discord with over 200,000 members!

Discuss different communities & playstyles!

Additionally, we provide safe spaces to talk specifically about different Minecraft playstyles and communities in our #gamemodes channel. You can find sub-channels like Bedwars, Skywars, Skyblock, PotPvP, and other game modes there!

Though, lots of Lunar Discord users like to use main channels like #general to chat about random life events or just have a chill conversation. Our Lunar+ users have special access to a private Discord channel only for subscribers! To learn more about our Lunar+ subscriptions, click here!

Lunar Client support!

Another common reason why players might join the Lunar Client Discord is to get Lunar Client support. Not only does the Lunar Client Discord server act as a hub to connect Minecraft players; it is also a method for our staff team to provide quick problem resolution for Lunar Client-related issues. If this applies to you, please head over to #community-support!

How do I join?

Joining the Lunar Client Discord is simple- Just use this link to join! We have over 200,000 players already involved in our community, so come join the fun! Keep in mind Lunar Client is officially verified with Discord, and the invite link provided in this article is our only one. If someone invites you using a different link or invite, it’s most definitely a scam, and may lead to your account being stolen. If you encounter something like this, please block the user, and report it immediately to Lunar Client staff through #community-support in our Discord.

Lunar Client Discord Integrations

There are many benefits for Discord when using Lunar Client. Some of these benefits include linking your Minecraft username, Discord Rich Presence, Lunar+ rewards, etc. I'll be going over some of these benefits in detail below!

Linking your Minecraft username

One of these benefits allows users to link their Minecraft username to their Discord account, this allows Lunar Client's staff members to run cosmetic giveaways easily! Another plus of linking your Minecraft username is the ability for the community to easily identify you. Also, if you were to ever purchase Lunar+, it would automatically update your Discord role in our server! Lunar+ users who chat in the Discord server gain 10% more XP towards their levels, as well as a fancy pink Lunar+ rank! To begin linking your account, follow the instructions that this link provides. Everyone who links their Minecraft account with their Discord gains an “Account Linked” role on the server to confirm that the link has been done successfully!

How to link your Discord on Lunar Client's main menu!

Discord Rich Presence

Another integration Lunar Client provides is Discord Rich Presence! Discord Rich Presence allows you to show what you are doing on Lunar Client! If you feel like displaying your status to other Lunar Client users on Discord, make sure your game activity is enabled in your Discord user settings. User settings can found in the bottom left hand corner, just before your Discord server list.

Lunar Client Discord Features

Before we finish off, here are some other amazing benefits of being in the Lunar Client Discord server! We'll be discussing our awesome Discord bot that runs fun games, our leveling system, volunteering opportunities, and our rules.

Lunar Discord Bot

Lunar Client Discord Bot

We have our own Discord bot that helps us keep the server clean from rule breakers, but also helps entertain users. The Lunar bot will regularly host mini-games in chat, a great way to participate in the community, and get to know Lunar Client better! It features games such as Guess the Partner, Higher or Lower, Corners, Quick Math, and more!

Guess the Partner

Guess the Partner picks from the pool of official Lunar Client partners, and displays one of their skins. Players then have a short amount of time to guess who it is! The first three correct guessers receive Lunar Discord exp.

Find out more about our partner program here!

Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower lets players guess if a whole number will either increase or decrease. All players who guessed correctly will move on to the next round, this process will repeat a few times. The remaining players receive Lunar Discord exp!


Corners allows players to choose one of four colors. A random color corner is then selected, and those who guessed correctly will receive Lunar Discord exp!

Quick Math

Quick Math presents a simple math problem, and the first three players to solve the equation will receive Lunar Discord exp!

Winning a chat mini-game will earn you extra exp!

Leveling System

Levels are a pretty big deal in our community. They’re a great way to showcase how active you are on the Discord server. Chatting in #general will gain you exp towards your next level up, and as mentioned above, so will winning mini-games. To access your Lunar Discord level simply type /level in the chat, and fill in the member field with your own Discord name. Hitting level milestones over time will earn you free cosmetics to use freely with Lunar Client! Find out more information on that here or visit #leveling in our Discord server.

Lunar Client Discord Level Free Cosmetic


If you’re looking to get more involved with Lunar Client, we’re always looking for more awesome staff members. Please check out our official staff post here.

For official job positions you can find our job openings here!

Rules & Safe Space

At Lunar Client we want all of our users to feel comfortable when using our Discord. This means following our rules in the #rules channel. In addition to our rules, the Lunar Client Discord server abides by Discord’s official terms of service. We do not tolerate discrimination or unjust treatment of users in any way. If you witness this happening on Discord, please report it to a staff member immediately.

If any user of our Discord is found breaking our rules or seems to be causing discomfort among other users; they may be punished accordingly. This includes being permanently removed from the Discord server if deemed necessary.