Speedrunning is a well-known concept within games, especially Minecraft. The aim of speedrunning is to successfully get through to the end of a game as fast as possible. Speedrunning is a challenging concept for Minecraft. Minecraft by itself may not offer everything a player will need for speedrunning, especially since players may need specific mods or features just for the sake of their speedruns. Thankfully, Lunar Client offers helpful mods for speedrunning! This article will go over some tips and tricks for speedrunning while using Lunar Client.

Speedrunning Tips While Using Lunar Client


Our first and most important tip is to make sure you have the appropriate settings for the best game performance. Having high FPS and smooth performance is key when playing Minecraft, especially for speedrunning. Lunar Client offers an FPS boost as well as a public FPS Settings Guide for all players.


The next tip involves Lunar Client mods and features. Fortunately, Lunar Client offers mods that may be beneficial for speed runners. We will cover some of these in the next bit of this article but first, we will go over how to access the mod menu, which contains all of these mods.

How to Access The Mod Menu

To access the Lunar Client mods we cover, press the Right Shift key, you will then be prompted with the Lunar Client mod menu. You can search for any mods on the search bar on the top right of the screen or scroll to find the mods. We hope these mods can be useful for your speedruns!

Stopwatch Mod

The first mod we will go over is the Stopwatch mod, which is an in-game stopwatch with key binds. Players who are speedrunning the game may use this mod in game and set their own key bind for it. This mod will allow players to time their speedrunning with the help of Lunar Client’s own in-game stopwatch! The Stopwatch mod allows users to customize the look of the display as well. Players can switch through seeing only hours and seconds or minutes and seconds.

Enabling the Stopwatch Mod on Lunar Client

Waypoints Mod

The next mod we will cover is the Waypoints mod. The Waypoints mod allows users to create a waypoint anywhere in their Minecraft world. The purpose of this mod is to save locations to come back to in the future. This mod may be most beneficial for speedrunners if they need to come back to anything they’ve found, especially a portal or village.

Creating a Waypoint on Lunar Client

Lighting Mod

The Lighting mod is a must, as it allows players to adjust Minecraft’s Brightness. Having the maximum brightness is crucial for Minecraft gameplay, especially speedrunning. The Lighting mod allows players to be more aware of their surroundings, as it is essential when trying to beat the game in the most efficient way.

The Lighting Mod enabled on Lunar Client

Toggle Sneak Mod

The Toggle Sneak mod allows users to toggle sneak by the click of a button without needing to hold it down. When it comes to speedrunning, bridging is necessary to get around places, especially in the nether or in the end.

Using the Toggle Sneak Mod on Lunar Client

Toggle Sprint Mod

Finally, the last mod is the Toggle Sprint mod. This mod allows players to toggle their sprint once without needing to continuously toggle it. Sprint is essential when playing Minecraft, especially speedrunning. Speedrunners will find this most useful as they will not run into any complications with sprint as it will never reset.

Using the Toggle Sprint Mod on Lunar Client


Lunar Client provides a wide variety of mods that enhance the Minecraft: Java Edition speedrunning experience. To improve your performance, using mods like those suggested above are great and equips players with the tools to take part in speedrunning efficiently.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our Staff Team on the Lunar Client Discord or create a ticket with our Support Team.