Hey guys, long time no see! These past five months have been very busy since we have been making Lunar Client compatible with the latest Minecraft versions. Last month, we made it so users could launch the updated version by selecting “Experimental” on the Lunar Client launcher in order to find as many issues as possible. Today, we are fully releasing the new version, and everyone will have it by default. This update includes a client-overhaul for 1.7.10 and many updates for 1.8.9; we go into the specific details below.

If you find any issues with the client, please report it by clicking on the “eye” icon on the bottom left of the r-shift menu. Since this is a significant update and we entirely changed how the infrastructure of Lunar Client works, you may notice that your profile is slightly different or completely gone, so we apologize in advance. Thank you all for the support during this time, where we have had very few updates; it means the world to us!

The next step is beta testing Lunar Client 1.15, 1.16, and a few other versions...stay tuned! 👀

New Mods
Chat Mod

Chat Mod

Moved all the chat settings into its own mod because players were having trouble locating them

Scrollable Tooltips Mod

Scrollable Tooltips Mod

Added scrollable tooltips so players that play on small resolutions have the ability to see the item’s tooltip, this will only activate if the tooltip is off your screen. Original Mod by Sk1er

UI Changes

  Main Menu

  • Added a new panorama image to the main menu

  • Added the ability for users to edit their mods and settings in the main menu by clicking on the Lunar Client logo on the bottom-middle of the screen

  • Added launcher updates in the bottom right of the main menu

  Cosmetic and Emote Menu

  • Completely reworked the design of the cosmetic menu (now supports in-game switching)

  • Completely reworked the design of the emote menu

  • Added cosmetic and emote menu buttons to the right-shift menu

  Mod Menu

  • Added a new bug report button that can be accessed by pressing right shift and clicking the “eye” icon in the bottom left

  • Added icons to all the mods

  • Added descriptions to every mod

  • Added tooltips to every setting

  • Added “NEW” labels to mods that are new or have new settings

  • Added a new compact mod menu, this can be enabled by pressing the 9 dots on the top right of the mod menu

  • Added a tooltip to Lunar Client controls when keys are conflicting, the key will also turn red


  • Created preset profiles for users when they launch Lunar Client for the first time

  • Created a new Profile Editor that supports automatically enabling a profile when joining a specific server and setting an icon to display in the profile list


  Potion Effects Mod

  • Added an option to disable potion effects in inventory

  CPS Mod

  • Added the ability to show right click CPS counter

  • Added the ability to disable the “CPS” text

  Block Outline Mod

  • Added the ability to have both outline and overlay at the same time

  Direction HUD Mod

  • Added the ability to enable the legacy version from 1.7.10

  Shiny Pots Mod

  • Added an option to render the glint behind the potion

  General Settings

  • Added an option to disable the crosshair when in third person

  Boss Bar

  • Added an option to use a custom boss bar that can be colored whatever you want

  • Added an option to render the health or not

Bug Fixes

  Mouse Bind Fix

  • Fixed an issue where people were unable to use shift or ctrl when using mouse buttons. Original Fix by Sk1er

  Keystrokes Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the LMB/RMB were being delayed when clicking fast

  ArmorStatus Mod

  • Fixed an issue where the damage color indicator wasn’t getting the max damage of the item

  UHC Overlay Mod

  • Fixed an issue where some items weren’t scaling properly

  • No longer needs to refresh your texture pack to update

1.7.10 Client


  • Completely revamped the UI to match the 1.8.9 design

  New Cosmetics

  • Players will now be able to use masks, hats, and fancy emotes

  New Mods

  • Added Crosshair Mod

  • Added Waypoints Mod

  • Added Freelook Mod

  • Added Ping Mod

  • Added Scrollable Tooltips

  • Added Chat Mod

  • Added Particle Multiplier

  • Added UHC Overlay

  • Added Clock Mod

  • Added WorldEdit CUI

  • Added AutoText Hotkey

  • Added Memory Usage

  • Added Stopwatch Mod

  • Added Shiny Pots Mod

  • Added Combo Counter Mod

  • Added Reach Display Mod

  • Added Time Changer Mod

  • Added Server Address Mod

  • Added Saturation Mod

  • Added Item Tracker Mod

  • Added Block Outline Mod

  • Added Net Graph Mod

  • Added FOV Mod

  • Added Mumble Link

  • Added Item Physics Mod