It’s been a while since the last patch notes, however, we’re finally back with a new one for you to read. For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and developing new features. We’re excited to share our progress with you here!

Notably, we added Fabric mod loading—a highly requested feature—to Lunar Client, allowing users to add their own mods for the first time. We also improved the Skyblock experience for all of our Skyblock players with new mods and features. Finally, we introduced Apollo, a powerful, new server API allowing server owners to make the most of Lunar Client on their servers.

If you come across any issues with these changes, be sure to report them to our support team by opening a ticket here. Additionally, we’re always open to suggestions, so be sure to interact with us on social media or post in the suggestions channel on our Discord server if you have any good ideas. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the patch notes!

New Mods
Shulker Preview

Shulker Preview

Allows players to hover over a shulker box in their inventory to preview its contents.

If you’ve ever gone through the struggle of having to place a shulker box down to check its contents, this mod is perfect for you. The Shulker Preview mod makes it extremely easy to view a shulker box’s contents without having to ever place the shulker box.

Hypixel Skyblock

Hypixel Skyblock

The new Hypixel Skyblock mod introduces a variety of QoL features to improve the Skyblock experience. Some of these features include:

  • General

    • Damage

      Splash Truncation/Hiding

    • Etherwarp Preview

    • Render Item Rarity Backgrounds

    • Show Enchanted Book, Potion, Minion Tiers, Dungeon Stars and Pet Candies as stack sizes

    • Action Bar HUD elements

    • Hide Midas Staff/all falling blocks

    • Auto copy rare drops

    • Hide hunger and armor on SkyBlock

  • Dungeons

    • Spirit Leap Names (in inventory menu)

    • Spirit Leap Highlights for Names and Classes

    • 270/300 Score Notification

    • Basic Dungeon Map

    • Bigger Bat Rendering and Bat Hitbox Display

    • F7 Terminal Solvers

    • Highlight F4 Spirit Bow

  • Farming

    • 1.12+ crop hitboxes on 1.8

    • Visitor HUD

    • Composter HUD

    • Max Visitor Alerts

  • Fishing

    • Fix Lava Bobbers

    • Replace lava texture with water texture

  • Slayer

    • Slayer Time to Kill Feedback

    • Slayer Miniboss Spawn Alert

    • Crimson Isle

    • Display Crimson Isle Miniboss Timer

    • Display Gravity Well Waypoints

  • Rift

    • Vampire Slayer Steak Display

    • Display Inactive Effigy Waypoints

    • Vampire Slayer Blood Ichor Display

New Features


  • Added a new Server-API to replace our legacy API. Apollo allows server owners to customize their server’s experience through Lunar Client in new ways.

    • More information regarding Apollo can be found here.

      Only servers that our registered on our Server Mappings can use a server ID.

Mod Loading

  • You can now use your own third-party Fabric mods on Lunar Client. Currently, this feature is only available on versions 1.16.5+ via the Fabric module.

    • One thing to note is that mod loading is still in a beta phase. This means that certain mods may have bugs or cause Lunar Client to crash. If you notice any issues with mods that you are loading, make sure to report it to our support team so that we can work on fixing them.


  • WAILA Mod now works with cosmetics


  • Added the ability to see when your friends are playing certain modpacks

Launcher Changes

Launch Deeplink

  • You can now directly launch into servers via Lunar Client using links. This feature allows server owners to implement clickable buttons and links on websites or in Discord servers so that players can easily join the server.

    • To use a deeplink, it must be formatted as shown below:

      • lunarclient://play?serverId=hypixel

      • lunarclient://play?

      • lunarclient://play?

        Only servers that our registered on our Server Mappings can use a server ID.

Modpack Support

  • We’ve added a new tab in the Lunar Client Launcher’s version selector for modpacks. Here, you’ll find a list of Modrinth modpacks curated by the Lunar Client team that have been verified to work well with Lunar Client. As of now, only the Hoplite modpack is available. However, we’ll be adding more in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!


Hosted Worlds

  • Adjusted the invite button's color to gray when a friend has already been invited to the world


  • Removed the Eye Height box on modern versions when the Look Vector option is toggled off

Armor Status

  • Added all arrow types to show the amount of arrows you actually have when using a bow


  • Adjusted the Disabled Mod notifications into one singular notification that lists all mods that the server disabled


  • Adjusted the chat input field so it doesn't clear when going in and out of fullscreen


  • Improved Natives launch stage by updating individual assets instead of completely rebuilding on updates

Discord Rich Presence

  • Allowed all registered servers in ServerMappings to show their Logo within Rich Presence. This functionality was previously reserved for servers with large playercounts


  • Implemented async model loading on cosmetics that have models such as hats, backpacks, etc. for more performance

Fabric Module

  • Added FerriteCore to versions 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.3, 1.19.4, 1.20, and 1.20.1.

  • Added Noxesium to 1.20.2


  • Optimized the time it takes to ping Minecraft servers on the multiplayer server list


  • Consolidated our cross-version feature compatibility to allow for much faster updates when new versions of Minecraft release

Block Outline

  • Completely rewrote Block Outline Mod to support many new features & options

    New Features
    • Mode:

      • Static - Basically just what this mod did before

      • Rainbow - Rainbow effect

        • Traversal - If the effect should shift through the colors instead of being random at each corner

        • Traversal Speed - The speed at which to traverse

      • Blend - Allows you to blend two colors together

        • Secondary Color Option - The second color to blend the first one with

        • Interpolate Alpha - If the alpha of both colors should be used as a gradient

        • Traversal - If the effect should shift through between the 2 colors instead of being random at each corner

        • Traversal Speed - The speed at which to traverse

      • Inverted - Only for Overlay, it inverts all colors behind it

      • Darken - Only for Overlay, it darkens all colors behind it

    • Accurate - If the hitbox of the block should be used instead of just a cube. (Modern Only)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue preventing version 1.18.2 from launching

Hypixel Skyblock

  • Fixed a crash when loading a Dungeon map that is empty

Hosted Worlds

  • Fixed offline players not saving when you quit a hosted world

  • Fixed players not showing up in the hosted worlds player list when they are out of render distance

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to rejoin a world after cancelling mid-join

  • Fixed an issue causing the legacy enchanting server rule to crash user's clients when enchanting

  • Fixed an issue causing users to crash when hosting a world on version 1.20.3

  • Fixed an issue where the server could lose it's connection during the closing world process, causing the client to freeze

  • Fixed an issue causing the Back to Game button to close the world when hosting on 1.20.2

Borderless Fullscreen

  • Fixed an issue causing borderless fullscreen to not function properly on modern

Fabric Module

  • Fixed an issue causing water to behave like it's not there at all

  • Fixed an issue causing custom payloads to not be sent on version 1.20.2+

  • Fixed an issue causing resource packs to not display properly on versions 1.20.2 & 1.20.3

  • Fixed an issue causing custom payload packets to not function properly

Forge Module

  • Fixed an issue causing the client to crash when joining a singleplayer world

  • Fixed an issue causing the client to freeze when leaving singleplayer worlds on the Forge Module


  • Fixed user connectivity issues causing the launch button to say "Loading..." and remain green


  • Fixed an issue causing waypoints to not appear in custom world dimensions

  • Fixed an issue causing dimensions to be translated incorrectly


  • Fixed an issue causing the health to not decrease properly on versions 1.20.2 & 1.20.3

  • Fixed an issue causing the boss bar to be scaled incorrectly

Weather Changer

  • Fixed an issue causing weather sounds to be completely disabled even when the mod is toggled off

Resource Packs

  • Fixed an issue causing resource packs to not show up in the list on version 1.20.3

  • Fixed an issue causing scroll to not work properly in the resource pack list on version 1.7.10


  • Fixed an issue causing the scoreboard to be completely empty on version 1.20.3


  • Fixed an issue causing errors with the teammate module

  • Fixed an issue causing server options to keep their state when leaving/switching servers

Item Physics

  • Fixed an issue causing the mod to not function on version 1.8.9 when using the Forge module


  • Fixed an issue causing increased latency on version 1.7.10


  • Fixed an issue causing smooth chat to not render properly on versions 1.7.10, 1.8.9, & 1.12.2


  • Fixed an issue causing health and Lunar Client logos to not appear in nametags


  • Fixed an issue causing the eye height box to render when Show Look Vector was disabled


  • Fixed a vanilla Minecraft issue causing the multiplayer server list to not load after refreshing a few times


  • Fixed an issue causing cosmetic selections to reset under certain circumstances


  • Fixed an issue with certain entity textures being displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue causing the decoration hover detection to be slightly off in the full map view

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when loading new map tiles extremely fast

  • Fixed an issue causing player heads to appear as a null texture on singleplayer and hosted worlds

  • Fixed an issue causing waypoints to show on minimap even when the waypoint mod is disabled


  • Fixed an issue causing 3rd-party mod keybinds to conflict with Lunar keybinds even when the mods aren't present

Version Updates

Lunar Client

  • Added Lunar Client support for Minecraft version 1.20.4

  • Added Lunar Client support for Minecraft version 1.20.3

Skyblock Module

  • Bumped NEU to version 2.1.1+e576ed7

Fabric Module

  • Added support for Sodium and Iris on version 1.20.3 & 1.20.4

  • Bumped Iris to 1.6.14 on 1.20.2+

  • Bumped Fabric API to 0.91.2 on 1.20.4

Replay Mod

  • Added support for Replay Mod on version 1.20.2 & 1.20.4

  • Bumped Replay Mod to version 2.6.14 on all versions