Hey guys, this week we focused on adding some of the suggestions you guys made via Twitter. We also decided to focus on improving previous mods/features already in the client. Always remember to engage with us on Twitter, @LunarClient for a chance to get one of your ideas implemented! Lunar Client is made by the community and for the community. We cherish our relationship with our players and strive to make the best client ever.

Recent Patch Notes


  Text Hotkey

  • Lazy of typing out commands? The Text Hotkey mod allows you to set hotkeys of your choice for whatever commands you want!


  • Display the time by using the Clock Mod. Chose from military or standard time, customize the color, and change the size in the mod settings.

  Stop Watch

  • Need to create a timer in Minecraft? We've got you covered! The stop watch mod lets you do just that.


  • Display the amount of memory your system is using when you are playing.


  Friend Requests

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to cancel an incoming friend request

  Texture Pack Searching

  • Fixed an issue where multiple of the same texture pack showed while searching

  One Seven Visuals

  • Fixed an issue where player heads were upside down in third person


  Coordinates Mod

  • Added option to change the color of each axis label and it's value

  Time Changer

  • Improved the slider so it displays all hours of the day


  • Created the ability to set multiple key combinations for controls (e.g. SHIFT + TAB for friends list)