What is a Waypoint?

Have you ever wanted to save the location of an important spot in Minecraft? Lunar Client’s Waypoints Mod allows you to highlight specific places across the world or server through visual markers that can be set at any location. In order to begin saving your favorite places across your Minecraft servers and worlds, ensure that you have Lunar Client downloaded. You can download Lunar Client it here. This article will mention both the Waypoints Mod Settings and the Waypoints Menu, so make sure that you don’t confuse the two! While both are similar, they each have different functions.

Waypoints Mod Settings

The Waypoints Mod Settings are the different options and customizability that can be done to the mod. It can be accessed by pressing RShift on your keyboard in-game and then navigating through Mods > Waypoints. In this case, make sure to search for Waypoints in the search bar at the top right.

Waypoints Menu

The Waypoints Menu is where you can modify all of your existing waypoints. You can find the Waypoints Menu by pressing RShift on your keyboard and then navigating to Mods > Waypoints. Make sure to click the Waypoints tab at the top of the mods menu, next to the Settings Tab.

Waypoints Menu vs Waypoints Mod

Using the Waypoints Mod

To begin using the Lunar Client Waypoints Mod, ensure it is Enabled by pressing RShift > Mods > Search for "Waypoints" and toggle the mod on. Then, press the N key to create your first waypoint. You will be prompted with the Create a Waypoint menu. In this menu, you can change the name, coordinates, as well as the color of your new waypoint. Keep in mind that the coordinates will be automatically set to your current location, but you can change them to any set of coordinates.

Creating a Waypoint on Lunar Client

After you’ve created your first waypoint, it will appear on the Minecraft server or world with the waypoint name that you see with how far away the waypoint is, and a colored beam (only displayed if the coordinates of the waypoints are in view).

If you ever want to delete, edit, or temporarily hide certain waypoints, just head to the Waypoints Menu by pressing the M key. Alternatively, you can also open the Waypoints menu by pressing the RShift key and then navigating to Mods > Waypoints. Make sure that you are clicking on the Waypoints tab at the top of the mods menu.

Deleting an existing Waypoint on Lunar Client

Inside the Waypoints Menu, you will see a list of all of your Waypoints as well as options to edit, delete, or hide each waypoint. The pencil icon will open a menu where you can edit all attributes of the waypoint, the eye icon will hide the waypoint from view, and the x icon will permanently delete the waypoint.

If you don’t like the current N and M keys used to create and access waypoints on Lunar Client, you can easily change them. The Waypoints Menu key bind can be changed inside Minecraft controls ESC > Options > Controls, you can also change the New Waypoint key bind inside the Waypoints Mod settings.

Waypoints Mod Features

The Lunar Client Waypoints Mod contains many features as well as advanced customization options that many other Minecraft waypoint mods do not have. The Lunar Client Waypoints Mod can be used to mark death locations. To enable this feature, navigate to the Lunar Client Mod Menu and search for Waypoints. Once you’ve opened the Waypoints Mod, enable Death Waypoint. After this option has been enabled, Lunar Client will automatically create a waypoint anywhere that you die in-game.

The Lunar Client Waypoints mod can also create a waypoint from a set of coordinates that is typed into the Minecraft chat. To activate this, open the Lunar Client Mod Menu RShift > Mods and then navigate to the Waypoints mod. Once you’ve opened the Waypoints mod, enable Add From Chat. Now, when another Minecraft player types a set of coordinates into Minecraft chat, you can click on the typed coordinates and Lunar Client will prompt you to create a waypoint at the specified coordinates.

Waypoints in chat must be in the format of X: <coordinate> Y: <coordinate> Z: <coordinate> in order for this feature to work.

An example of adding a Waypoint from chat on Lunar Client

Additionally, Lunar Client waypoints will also be indicated as a colored dot on the Lunar Client Direction HUD. To enable Direction HUD, navigate to RShift > Mods > Direction HUD and toggle the Direction HUD mod.

Waypoints on Lunar Client are highly customizable. Aside from changing the color and styling your waypoints with a chroma style, you can also add a colorful beam to mark exactly where a waypoint is in Minecraft. To change the color and enable chroma on your Lunar Client waypoints, open the Waypoints Menu and then click the pencil icon next to the waypoint that you wish to customize. There is also the option to edit waypoint borders and toggle the beam. This can be done by going to the Waypoint Mod Settings, where you can enable/disable the beam as well as toggle the border and change the padding of the waypoint label/box.

An example of editing a Waypoints name on Lunar Client

Server-side Waypoints

Minecraft servers can create their own waypoints which will be visible for all Lunar Client users. To do this, Minecraft: Java Edition server owners must integrate our API called Apollo into their server. Server-side waypoints can be extremely helpful for a variety of reasons. For example, server-side waypoints can highlight important locations on Minecraft servers, such as the spawn point or a place where an event is happening.

KOTH stands for King of the hill and is an event on various PvP servers

To players, server-side waypoints will function slightly differently than other waypoints. Server-side waypoints will typically have colored text and will not have the option to be deleted. If you don’t want to see a certain server-side waypoint, you can always hide it by pressing the eye icon next to the waypoint inside the Lunar Client Waypoints Menu.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the Lunar Client mods, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support Agents by going to our Support Website. Our team will be able to assist you with any inquiries that you may have.