What is the Team View Mod?

Have you ever played as a team on a Minecraft server using Lunar Client, and seen a green marker above a player's head? This is a feature of Lunar Client’s Team View mod. The Team View mod on Lunar Client allows you to easily see the location of your teammates when they move around as a visual marker. It also integrates with the Direction HUD mod by adding player heads to the compass, representing your teammates.

An example of Team View being used on Lunar Client

The Team View mod on Lunar Client can be extremely helpful when playing Minecraft gamemodes where it's important to know exactly where your teammates are at all times. One example of this is Minecraft Factions, which is the gamemode where Lunar Client’s Team View mod is most commonly seen in use.

Unfortunately, Team View won't work on all servers as server owners will need to enable Team View via Lunar Clients Apollo.

Using Team View

To activate the Team View mod, simply navigate to RShift > Mods > Team View and ensure that the mod is marked as enabled. Additionally, you can also enable the Direction HUD mod (RShift > Mods > Direction HUD) which will allow you to see your teammates on the Direction HUD while Team View is enabled. Once you have it enabled, you will be able to see your teammates’ real-time locations on the Minecraft server that you are playing on. Your teammates will appear as a colored V-shape marker on your screen. The number displayed below this icon represents how many blocks away a teammate is from you. The marker will move around your screen and the distance will update automatically as your teammate travels around the Minecraft server.

How to use and find Team View

The Direction HUD mod works with Team Viewer to display the direction in which your teammates are located. Teammates on the Direction HUD are denoted by a player head with a green border surrounding it. The player head will move around as your teammate moves in-game.

An example of Team View being used with Direction HUD on Lunar Client

As mentioned above, the Team View mod on Lunar Client will not work on all servers or singleplayer worlds. This is because Team View requires a server that's integrated with Lunar Clients Apollo in order to function. This means that server owners need to integrate Apollo into their Minecraft server so the Team Viewer will know the exact location of your teammates. This information is used to position the player marker on your screen as well as on the Direction HUD. Further information regarding Apollo can be found on the wiki page here.

Have Questions?

If you're having trouble using the Team View mod, please be sure to contact the Lunar Client support team here. Additionally, if you are wondering why the mod isn’t working, make sure that the server you're on has Team View enabled via Apollo. If you are a server owner and have any questions regarding Apollo, join the developer discord here!