Hey guys, in this update we focused mostly on adding our take on the Schematica Mod. The reason I say "our take" is because we focused on making it as easy as possible for players to use/understand. Our main goal is making the client simple and aesthetically pleasing so people can jump right in and not be overwhelmed by terrible UX/UI. We also added a lot of quality of life improvements that you guys brought to our attention these last couple of weeks. Remember to interact with us on Twitter @LunarClient and give us suggestions. This client is for the community and I want everyone to understand that we are always listening to your guys' input.

Recent Patch Notes


  New Design

  • More improvements made to our new launcher 👀

New Mods


  • This mod allows you to build with ease! Find your favorite schematic and paste it on any server to trace.


  • Having trouble WorldEditing? This mod outlines your WorldEdit selection to make it easier on you!



  • Fixed an issue where player's keybinds weren't always saving


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to select certain emotes

  Overlay Packs

  • Fixed an issue where custom overlay resource packs weren't working


  • Fixed an issue where messages weren't wrapping properly

  Item Tracker

  • Actually fix the issue where your mods would fly off your screen when clicking in a locked inventory (lol)

  Glint Option

  • Fixed an issue where the disable glint option wasn't working properly


  General Settings

  • Added an option to disable achievements

  • Added an option to disable incoming ban wave messages

  • Added an option to make Lunar Client components scale based on Minecraft's GUI Scale. These options give you the ability to use Minecraft scaling for Mods, Menus, or both.

  SkyBlockAddons Mod

  • Added an option to enable "Grappling Hook Cooldown". This will add the SkyBlock Grappling Hook to our Cooldowns Mod.

  • Fixed an issue with Summoning Eye Alert not notifying players

  • Added Reforge and Enchanting menu

  Coordinates Mod

  • Added border and background settings with their color options

  Scoreboard Mod

  • Added border and border color option

  Potion Effects Mod

  • Added an option to exclude certain potion effects

  Friends List

  • Added missing option to disable incoming friend requests (1.8.9)

  1.7 Visuals

  • Added an option to use 1.7 tab

  Reconnect/Disconnect Button

  • Added a reconnect button when getting disconnected from a server

  • Added a disconnect and reconnect button if you get stuck in a "Downloading Terrain" screen for longer than 3 seconds