Hey guys this week we added multiple mods, features, and updates. All of the updates done this week can be found below. We hope you guys have been enjoying Lunar Client as much as we are working on it! Make sure to engage with us and give us suggestions on Twitter, @LunarClient.


  OS Support

  • 1.7.10 now supports macOS

  • 1.7.10 & 1.8.9 now support Windows 32 bit


  Motion Blur

  • Enhance your visual settings with the highly requested Motion Blur mod! You can increase or decrease the amount of blur in the mod settings.

  Server Address

  • Display the IP of which server you are currently playing on! You can fully customize the size, background, and color in the mod settings.

  Combo Counter

  • Count the amount of hits that you are comboing a player for! Every time you get hit, the counter will reset to zero.

  Reach Display

  • Display the distance from where you hit another player.

  Item Physics

  • Dropped items will now be dropped with style! All items will be dropped with proper physics, flipping all the way to the ground.


  Friend Notifications

  • Friend requests and messages will now have notifications that are drawn on the screen

  • When you set yourself to busy, requests and message notifications will not pop up

  Scoreboard Mod

  • Fixed an issue where background color option wouldn't change


  General Settings

  • Added option to disable weather

  Free Look

  • Added new free look modes (forward and first person)

  Particle Multiplier

  • Add options to fine tune the particles that are multiplied (criticals and sharpness)

  Reorganize Settings

  • Adjusted general settings' order for easier UX

  • Adjusted options in some of the mods for aesthetic