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What is CPS?
CPS, or Clicks Per Second, is a measure of how quickly you can click a mouse button or a key on a keyboard. It's often used in various online games and click tests to assess the speed of a player's reactions or their ability to perform rapid, repeated actions. High CPS can give you an edge in games that require fast clicking, but it's also important to maintain accuracy and consistency in your clicks.
In older versions of Minecraft: Java Edition, CPS was a significant factor in combat. Players with higher CPS could land more hits, giving them an advantage in fights. However, with the introduction of the new combat system in Minecraft 1.9 (Combat Update), the importance of CPS has since diminished. The new system introduced a cooldown between attacks, making the timing of clicks more important than the speed. While having a high CPS can still be beneficial in certain situations, it's no longer the deciding factor in Minecraft combat.
What is Kohi?
Kohi was an iconic Minecraft server primarily focused on providing competitive PvP gamemodes such as Practice, Hardcore Factions (HCF), and Survival Games (PotSG). Kohi operated in various regions around the world allowing thousands of players to test their skills against the best, with the use of the ELO system on their Practice server. It was formally closed on April 29th, 2016.
The Kohi Network website imfamously featured a click test on it's website in which it would measure your CPS. This was a very popular click test and was used by many players to measure their CPS.
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