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Lunar Client is partnered with creative, dedicated, and passionate content creators who entertain, inspire, and make videos for millions of fans worldwide. Combined, our partners have over 15 million followers on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.


Once you start using Lunar Client, you won't want to play on anything else. Their team is amazing to work with. Switching and partnering with Lunar was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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Lunar Client treats our partners with dignity, respect, and fairness. If you are an influential content creator and would like to join our team, reach out to us below.

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Lunar Client is partnered with leading servers such as Viper, PvPWars, and Shotbow. Servers can sell cosmetics on our store and take advantage of our API to enhance their player's experience. If you are interested in taking your server to the next level, reach out to us below.

Server Cosmetics

Server Cosmetics

Feature API

Feature API

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Hi Applicant,

Please specify if you are applying for a media or server partnership in the subject line. If you are applying for a server partnership, read the information that you should include on the right. If you are applying for a media partnership, please make sure to tell us your in-game name and why you want to become a partner. Don't forget to link all of your social media channels as well!

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The Application Process


If you are a social media influencer who would like to partner with Lunar Client, please read our standards prior to doing so. Although we do not require you to have an exact number of followers, we look for content creators who make a difference in their own community and have a wide-reaching impact on the Minecraft community as a whole.

We accept applications entirely at our discretion. If accepted, you will be allowed to create and feature your own cosmetics on our store. We expect partners to use and promote Lunar Client in their videos. In return, we offer a competitive profit share split and all the awesomeness that comes with being a part of the Lunar Client family!

Server Owners

If you are a server owner and wish to partner with Lunar Client, then you’ve come to the right place! Before sending us an application, please make sure that your server is reputable, has a community backing it, and is already released. If your server meets those standards, please include the following in your application: server name and IP address, region, gamemodes, average player count, website, and social media channels.

If accepted, your server will be featured on our launcher, and you will be allowed to feature your server's cosmetics on our store. Server partners must incentivize their players to utilize Lunar Client. If you are not interested in becoming an official server partner but wish to use Lunar Client’s API, you can do so here.

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