There are three primary services offered by Lunar Client:

  • Lunar Client Protection will let you cryptographically verify that a user on your server is running the Lunar Client anticheat. This is useful for creating protected queues, servers, etc. Due to the load produced on our infrastructure, this is a paid service.
  • The Lunar Client Bukkit API lets you send cooldowns, notifications, waypoints, holograms, custom nametags, and more. The API is available, free of charge, at LunarClient/API. There’s no need to contact us prior to using the API in your project.
  • Lunar Client Server Pins let you promote your project to tens of thousands of daily Lunar Client players. For more information, please contact us here.


Lunar Client protection lets your server cryptographically verify that a player is running the Lunar Client anticheat. LC protection has three major components:

  • BungeeCord Patch - This component is required. You’ll need to apply a short edit to your BungeeCord’s api module. We offer this as a .patch, or via ASM (for select BungeeCord versions).
  • BungeeCord Plugin - This component is required. The BungeeCord plugin can be used to enforce server or network level restrictions, and sends protection information down to the Bukkit API for custom implementations.
  • Bukkit API - The Bukkit API is optional for server or network level protection; for custom implementations (IE restricted queues, /lc command, etc) this is required.

For setup instructions, please view the guide here.

Bukkit API

The Bukkit API provides utility methods for sending common LC packets, such as cooldowns, notifications, waypoints, etc. There’s no charge for using the API, and there’s no need to contact us first. If you’re interested in verifying that a player is running the Lunar Client anticheat (as opposed to just the client), please see the protection section above.

The complete Bukkit API documentation can be found here.

Server Pins

Server pins and other promotions are negotiated on a per-instance basis. If you’re interested, please contact us here.